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Groups sue over Georgia's immigration law

@anti-fascist ...... what part of "illegal alien" is difficult for you to comprehend? The system now bestows benefits & priveleges that are not available to our tax paying citizens, on those entering our country illegally. Why do you NOT object to that. Dig DEEP for some logical justification ! Don't simply repeat left wing mantra, simply giving them a pass. Our borders must be secure ! This is exactly where it must begin.

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Antonini must be chirping like a bird


The Mahoning county Democratic Committee announces Lisa Antonini's appointment to a "recently resurrected" Mahoning County Democratic committee.
In a press conference, last evening, Democratic party leaders, announced that Lisa Antonini would be responsible for re-organizing the old "TRAFICANT for CONGRESS" committee that was mothballed upon Traficant's conviction and incarceration. A committee member who did not want to be identified is quoted as saying, "Jimbo strayed from our party's ideals, when he attempted to be placed on last fall's ballot as an independent." They went on to say that, "With the influence of some of the "new generation" Democratic leaders, such as Ms. Antonini, we may be able to entice Traficant to come home to where he belongs. After all, there exists a common bond between the two of them."
This committee member also pointed out that Antonini's appointment is contingent upon her plea and subsequent sentencing, but that he believes she will be paroled in advance of the next congressional race.

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