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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

Tim Ryan will defeat Traficant by double digits. There are some morons who will vote for the criminal but most people realize he will get nothing done in congress because both parties think he is crazy. Things are starting to turn around in the area with a lot of new jobs coming in the near future thanks to Tim Ryan.

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Region's reps differ widely on historic vote

Illegal immigrants cannot recieve health benefits under this bill. It strikes me that when George Bush wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on the Iraq war there were no tea parties. When he started TARP there were no tea parties. When he and the then republican congress started a prescription drug program for senior that was not paid for there were no tea parties. The reason is that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity didn't tell them too. Hypocrites.

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Region's reps differ widely on historic vote

These people who don't support this healthcare reform are incapable of independent thought. They simply follow whatever fox news tells them. How is this a government takeover ? That is just stupidity. Also the bill is paid for. These tea party protestors are the biggest group of racist morons I have ever seen in my life. God bless president Obama for not letting these people stop him from helping uninsured and remember you could be next if it doesn't pass. Tim Ryan 2016 baby

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Major creditors say close North American Delphi now

Many Delphi workers are only making $10 an hour so there is nothing more the employees can give back. Minimum wage is $7 an hour. If that company is going to lose money paying these small wages then let them close.

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