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From the start, Cruze sales move into the fast lane

let's see - 300 cars per shift times 3 shifts is 900 cars per day divided into sales of 5000 units in a month equals 6 days of work to fill that order. What does the plant do with the other fifteen work days in the month? Do the workers sit in the jobs bank until they need to work another 6 days to fill the next months orders? Gotta love it.

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

I thought OHSAA rules didn't allow you to play any sports the first year you tranfer to a different high school? Is this different in parochial schools?

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Ursuline, Mooney both advance to state

Really, in a state semi-final football game wouldn't you expect the games to be highly competitive and a little closer in score? These teams are good enough to make it to the state semi-finals and then they get anihilated by the catholic school playing down in division size. What a joke! How can you honestly get excited about winning this way? Yeah, it is a joke, like Ohio State playing YSU. Don't know what the answer is but this is rediculous. I was hoping to watch a highly competitive game last night and it was a blow out from the beginning. Ursuline and Mooney keep telling yourselves that you are just that good. Let's see you guys play schools like yourselves from other parts of the country and see how great you are. Get in the Kirk Herbstreet classic and play someone from Texas or Florida and lets see if you win 48-7.

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Living with Neurofibromatosis

Like you said, with all the money in the world, it is a shame that someone has to live with something like Ed has. Have you really got a full price to get everything done that needs to be done? If so how much? I read the # 60K - is that official or just a guesstimate? You either need alot of everyday folks putting in a little or a couple wealthy individuals stepping up. What a wonderful present that would be!

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Living with Neurofibromatosis

Is there nothing to be done to help this man?
Can surgery even be done to reverse what has already happened?
Is there not a compassionate surgeon and hospital that would do this out of the goodness of their heart?
God forbid, that it was you or I who had this affliction and no one to turn to for help.

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