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Sharon athlete killed in shooting

What a coincidence? I am a Computer Engineer as well....with a Master's Degree from PSU. Never been to prison and I can count on one hand how many drinks I've had in the last year or two. Never found much use for life has always been worthwhile that I have never had to turn to alcohol for comfort. I began working full-time in a steel mill while I went to college when I was 18 years old and have now been gainfully employed for the past 17 years. I also worked swing shifts, seven days a week while you were getting free meals and cable being locked away in prison. I am now married with two children and still call Sharon my home. I have never had an issue in Sharon and my kids have yet to experience one as well. Congratulations on turning your life around...but honestly what anyone else is doing and why they are doing it is absolutely none of your business. Since when did become "This is the place to let everyone know what exactly happened if your telling the truth and know what happened." Why does some ex-con, ex-alcoholic need to know what really happened in some house in Sharon, Pennsylvania? You are a complete joke as well as every other troll on here. Uh-oh, my comment count is now up to 5. This is a waste of time...I came here to read a newspaper article that was written by an actual journalist from a credible source. And instead, I read just a bunch of bs from people that think they are credible but they have absolutely no clue as to what really happened and honestly I don't care if they ever find's none of your business. Stereotyping and prejudice is the #1 indicator of your education and intelligence levels.

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Sharon athlete killed in shooting

Lifes2Short....3642 comments!. Get a freaking life. Lifes2Short to spend all day commenting on Life is 2 Short to not have any friends. You are probably Catfishing your way through life. Lifes2Short and uselesseater are probably the same person just using different aliases.

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Sharon athlete killed in shooting

Jontae put the police at the Strawbridge crime scene almost a year ago:

February 2, 2012

Jontae M. Barnes, 19, of 696 S. Oakland Ave (another crime infested rental property)., Sharon; at 2:09 a.m. Sunday on Strawbridge Avenue, Sharon, after he was seen on East State Street, Hermitage; also charged with a lane violation, driving without a license and underage drinking.

Surprised SPD wasn't out keeping an eye on Strawbridge. Folks are uppity over there, and white.

Seriously...what are the police supposed to do? Camp out on Strawbridge because a kid got picked up there a year ago? You could pretty much say the same thing about every road in every small town across the country.

Come to Sharon some time and I'd be more than happy to give you a tour of the war zone you are attempting to desribe. You may piss yourself but I promise no one will prey on you during your visit.

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Sharon athlete killed in shooting

@AnotherAverageCitizen - You're right...only assumptions can be made and it seems like everyone is just stereotyping this in the same way every dumba** average citizen would stereotypically do. This was an accident, one that could have and should have been avoided but it's a tragedy none the less and honestly no one really cares what stereotypical comments or opinions are formed by anyone that has nothing better to do than post 1084 anonymous comments on If your opinions or hypotheses had any educated value you would be doing something other than anonymous trolling. Bad things can happen to good people too,and it's stereotypical to believe that it only surrounds those living in the projects. Superintendent Sarandrea explained that LeeLee was a good student, great athlete and an even better kid....what more can you ask or expect out of a 17 year old child? He found himself in the wrong situation at the wrong time and each and everyone of us can say we have landed in a situation that could have produced negative consequences. So to all the posters on here that get off by putting down people in a time of horrible tragedy...go f*** are the true cockroaches of society and it's no wonder your only friends are other anonymous posters on Get a life and don't hate on people because your life sucks. Simply put...if your life was so great you wouldn't be so worried about who was living on your dime. The comments on this article are disgusting, but I guess that's what you get when you allow people to express their true feelings while hiding behind an anonymous pseudonym.

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Sharon athlete killed in shooting

@uselesseater...Are you really politicizing this? You do not know one thing about this kid, family or neighborhood other than what you found on some Google search. I'm a life long resident of Sharon, Pa. I'm college educated and I'm white...since you seem to care about that so much. Zone 5? Where is that exactly? I've lived here for nearly 35 years and have never heard anyone refer to anything as Zone 5. I absolutely know where Ravine Place is and I am absolutely aware that it isn't the greatest environment to raise a child. There are plenty of problems in Sharon but I still have not seen a single prostitute roaming any street let alone Ravine. I also hung on on Taylor Ave as a teen into my early twenties which is located right by Strawbridge. Uppity? I wouldn't exactly refer to Strawbridge as uppity and I wouldn't consider it white either. It's a nice neighborhood directly off of State Street. I used to walk down Strawbridge on my way home from my friend's house around 2, 3 or 4 am for many, many years. All of these people claiming that kids are out too late seem to forget how late they stayed out in their teens. You know nothing about LeeLee and you obviously know nothing about what happened. I don't personally know Lee either but I'm not so quick to pass judgement based on my google searches. I coach youth baseball in the city and I have had the pleasure of coaching some of these kids that must reside in your Zone 5??? Great kids that haven't been given the same opportunity as others. Living on someone else's dime? I don't know LeeLee's personal situation but if he was living on someone else's dime I don't think you can blame the kid? Get a life dude and stop trying to act smart because you can google a few police reports. Sharon is a really small town and if this was a white kid you would never in a million years speak of him the way you just spoke of LeeLee and his family. Get your head out of your butt and if you are so worried about all of these problems why don't you get off of your couch, turn off Fox News and do something about it.

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