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Canfield twins headed to West Point

I am very proud and happy to see West Point aquire fine young men from our area. My son graduated from West Point and is actually just finishing his 5 year commitment to the U S Army. Word's cannot describe the roller coaster of emotion's this journey will hold for the family.From when they drop their child/children off at West Point in July and are advised "you now have 90 seconds to say goodbye to your "New Cadet" on reception day, until you see them home from their first tour of duty, their lives have been changed forever. The sacrifices that have been made by the cadet and their family, are not measurable. It was an honor for my son to attend "The Academy". I am very proud of his decsion to serve our country. However, I would like to say it is not only fine students and parents from the suburbs who get to attend a service academy. I was a single mother who lived/lives in the City of Youngstown. I acquired my education as a divorced/non-tradional student who worked 2 jobs to attend college. Once I graduated, I worked 5 1/2 days a week to pay his tuition for private schooling. Please, do not insult me, or my son, who has given up 9 years of his life to serve our country...excellence is not reserved for the suburbs, there is room for it in the inner city as well.

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