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At YSU, greed is celebrated

Interesting to all this is that Dr. Anderson, who's never run a college or university, will be starting out at a salary higher than Dr. Sweet's. It never ends.

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Race to the Top grants would drag down schools

Fact is, we need to reward good teachers (merit pay) and have the ability to get rid of ineffective teachers. Youngstown schools, of all the districts in the country, should be involved in Race to the Top. It's a failing district that needs major, major change and the teachers union, unfortunately, doesn't want to be partners in pursuing such solutions Hopefully, the academic commission will make major change and that means taking control of the schools away from the teacher's union.

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Are Tablack’s days numbered?

Tablack has a target on his back because he spends too much time practicing the politics of paranoia than working as the county administrator. He is very difficult to work with and the voters said it loud and clear to Mr. Ludt: you made a mistake letting Tablack run the county and playing the game of divide and conquer,

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Politicians tout President Obama’s visit to the Valley

This was a great win for the Valley contrary to the usual naysayers on this blog. 400 good paying construction jobs for our area and another 350 high-paying manufacturing jobs that will benefit the entire Valley. And Tim Ryan played an important role throughout the negotiations to get this project. He's a great leader for this area.

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City schools again won’t be in Race to Top grant race

You can tell who is running the schools -- the teacher's union. The idea is to assign the best teachers to the worst performing schools. A good strategy in improving Youngstown test scores. We can only hope the academic commission will take strong measures to take control of the schools away from the union.

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UPDATE: Traficant will not file in the 6th

Jim Traficant is a joke pure and simple. A greedy man whose time has passed him by. Tim will show him the door.

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Ludt’s record in office justifies Democratic Party nomination

Disappointed in the Vindy supporting people like Ludt, who does nothing but hide behind George Tablack, and Mark Belinky. Ludt and Belinky represent the old Mahoning County politics. Political patronage coupled with the same old way of doing things. Sad that the Vindy isn't clamoring for new leadership.

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At YSU, numbers matter

Maybe someone can explain this to me. How can the new YSU president be making substantially more than the current President who just completed 10 outstanding years on the job.

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Need for control of costs could lead to consolidations

Fact is communities like Boardman are having a hard time paying for safety services, especially when they provide duplicative services like 911 dispatching. Boardman and its neighbors should be working together to provide excellent police services but use technology and common sense collaboratively to provide those services at a lower cost. There's no more money and it's only going to get worse. Why hasn't the county provided leadership for consolidated 911? People should be asking this in the upcoming commissioner's election.

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Schools chief in McDonald resigns

One word that came to mind for Mr. Wasser. Arrogant. There's no excuse for what's happened in McDonald. People in charge weren't minding the store.

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