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Group protests local fracking in Youngstown

There are risks in all industries. The fact is that some truck is getting into an accident and spilling something on I-80 weekly. Do we ban trucking? Fracking has been going on in Ohio for many years and has not caused problems. And technology is improving to the point that there will be no need to dispose of frac fluid in the future. We can continue to see job growth and a resurgence in our economy while managing the risks of shale development. I think most people in our area support that.

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Dear Ms. Rimedio Righetti: We have economic development

When I saw Commissioner Righetti's statement about the need to do economic development in the Valley, I thought, has she been living under a rock? It seems that we've been doing economic development very well the last five years or so with private (Chamber) and some public entities. Now she wants to send $400,000 annually to the port, which has little to nothing to show for two years of public sector funding (actually about $600,000). That's a real shame and waste.

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Should Mahoning County commissioners increase the county’s hotel bed tax?

And they want to send the money from the extra bed tax to the port authority, which hasn't helped to create one job in the Valley since it hired a director two years ago.

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bed tax Hotel owners fear an increase

Three questions to ponder from this story. What has the WRPA done in the last two years regarding economic development? Appears the answer is virtually nothing. And I thought this bed tax money was suppose to be for the airport operations not economic development. Do they have to get legislative approval to move it to economic development? Lastly, what plan do they have to spend the money or is it open ended?

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Betras apologizes for insults to candidate

And the Vindicator editorial board, of all people, supported this man to be on the board of elections. Where are your standards? You have none.

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Liberty residents express concerns about 911 transfer

The fact is that LIberty is probably the highest taxed community in Trumbull County. Why would residents want to waste their tax money on funding a local system when it would be much cheaper with a county system that would provide service that is just as good and possibly even better with upgraded technology. And not mentioned in the story is that Liberty is going to have to come up with several hundred thousand dollars in a few years to upgrade their technology. Where is that money coming from? Rather than spend money on an unneeded 911 center, put the money in more cops on the street.

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Liberty residents invited to sound off on township’s 911 plan

This is no-brainer. Move 911 calls to the county and lower the tax burden on Liberty's already over-burdened residents. This will provide as good or even better service than dispatching provides in LIberty now and the savings are significant. If it's working for Howland, Champion, Bazetta, Brookfield and other communities, why can't it work just as well for Liberty.

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Mahoning Valley jobless rate takes dive

Only Bob Hagan could take a positive and find something negative, and his facts are wrong too. The real truth is that Hagan thrives when things are going bad. He doesn't know quite what to do when the news is good. This is a signficant turning point for our Valley. We are growing jobs and putting people back to work, and that is good.

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Mayor Sammarone’s absence noteworthy

If you talked privately to local elected officials in the Valley, you'd find that most of them favor SB 5 although they would never admit it publicly. They know that the current system is not sustainable.

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Yemma beats political odds

Yemma worked harder to win the vote. Betras' rude and crude comments to and treatment of Yemma does show just what a loser he is. He should resign.

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