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Youngstown voters again kill anti-fracking charter change

I love the way the anti-frackers continue to try and scare people with phrases like "untold environmental destruction" and "devastation" to be caused by fracking. The number of wells in Ohio that have been drilled is nearing the 1,000 mark. Where's all the environmental destruction and devastation? Where are the polluted water wells? I saw a story recently that liquid manure spread by a farmer on his land north of the Valley caused several water wells in the area to be contaminated. Maybe the anti-frackers should turn their attention to stopping farming.

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Mahoning commissioners seeking opinion on dissolving port authority board

Mahoning should look to Summit County for advice. They have a very successful port authority and really could work with the Western Reserve port authority to get it on the right track. And losing Mr. Schiraldi is no great loss. He was part of the dysfunction. An arrogant man and not a team player. Maybe some women on the port board would change the dynamics as well.

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A Youngstown employee who misused a city cellphone has a history of other issues

There's a simple reason why this fellow is still employed with the city. Youngstown, with hundreds of employees, has no HR department and managers aren't being called to account for this employee's poor behavior. In most places, he would have had two or three disciplinary letters in his file, would have been suspended without pay or probably fired by now. The managers aren't doing their jobs managing people and in this case, disciplining people, and so this fellow gets away with it. Where's the accountability that Mayor Sammarone often talks about.

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LETTERS || Bertram de Souza’s column titled “Austintown wins battle of water

Lisa Oles is probably the most uncollaborative public official in the Valley. You would never see her at meeting of other local leaders. She isn't interested in what's going on in the rest of the Valley or the world. She's got her head squarely in a hole somewhere in Austintown. I was glad though to see that she doesn't distain Youngstown or its people. Why not be a leader and call a meeting of local leaders adjacent to Austintown and talk about ways to work together rather than always rattling sabers.

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Sammarone to strengthen policies after worker racks up $400 bill

This is what happens in government. A city with hundreds of employees, a multi-million dollar budget and no HR department. A new employee is hired and no one bothers to fill him in on city work policies. For all the mayor's talk about accountability, I don't see much progress.

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Study says fracking wastewater a major issue in Ohio

OK, so what's the point? The manufacturing industry and our cars for that matter create pollution every day but we don't ban them. The fact is that we have laws in place to protect the environment and restrict the amounts of pollution in our environment. In the case of the oil and gas industry we are managing the risks and seeing the benefits of job growth and investment.

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Shale drilling controversies — who's wrong, who's right

Per the reference that nothing happened to Pittsburgh after council approved their so-called bill of rights, please note that oil and gas companies decided to locate their regional operations -- not in Pittsburgh, but well south of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County in the Southpointe area of Washington County, a boom development area. Also, the major Marcellus Shale conference in Pennsylvania takes place each year, not in Pittsburgh, but in Philadelphia, which isn't even in the Marcellus Shale area. Bottom line, the shale industry is steering clear of Pittsburgh and spending their dollars elsewhere.

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Meeting of the minds needed to ease port authority tension

I'm surprised that the editorial is questioning the commissioners for criticizing an endeavor that involved about $1 million over three years and has little or nothing to show for it. We should be praising the Polivka's and Traficanti's for asking where the return on investment is and saying no to an operation that had no goals and objectives and no oversight. Isn't that that what we want our elected officials around here to question and talk about. And why isn't Tim Ryan, who came up with this idea of funding the port authority, raising cane about this.

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State Rep. Hagan urges Youngstown council to have public meeting on land-lease drilling deal

Hagan is happiest when times are bad and people are down. He will throw every wrench in the way possible to stop job growth and development in our area. He could care less about the need for people to get trained and educated for the new jobs that are being created.

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Group protests local fracking in Youngstown

yes, the coverage was overblown. My guess is that they saved a spot on the front page anticipating a large crowd and didn't change those plans even with the small crowd.

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