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Ingram sworn in as Austintown’s first black officer

Wow this totally blows my mind that it took until 2010 for austintown to have a black police officer.

Congrats to him and its about time

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Calif NAACP to back pot legalization initiative

Oh how I love how you people just lump all black people together as pot smokers and unemployed losers. When in reality in your nice little white community 75% of your kids are smoking pot right under your nose. So my question is are your kids losers as well?

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Family questions privileges of juvenile accused in murder

I"m with "SoTired" on this one. Whoever gives a 12 year old a shot gun needs some responsibility in this as well.

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Jury recommends death penalty for Ohio cop killer

You really think a movie made him do this? If your going to shoot a cop its not because you watched a movie.

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Gay couple sentenced to 14 years in prison in Africa

Maybe we should learn from the past and treat people equal. They have done nothing but try to live there life yet they treat them like they killed a person.

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Gay couple sentenced to 14 years in prison in Africa

Maybe we should also start enslaving people again and hanging them because they are "different"

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President Obama in Youngstown area Tuesday

I love people that just blame the President. The problems with our government start at the very low level and work up. Everyone is greedy is the major problem. So don't just go around throwing just the president under the bus there are major problem with the whole government structure.

Now back on topic.... I think it is great that a president is coming to the valley just to come and not to try to win us over for vote with falsehoods and lies. Props to you President Obama.

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Pavlik to leave middleweight division

I'm a little disappointed I would have loved to see him fight Martinez again. I think its a fight he could win.

Good luck Kelly

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Firebomb thrown at marijuana business in Montana

Its funny to me how everyone is crazy about weed but they have no problem putting all these prescription drugs in there system. Which a lot of are very addictive and a lot worse for you than marijuana.

Also a note I'm not a maijuana user nor have I ever used but lets me honest there are a lot more legal things out that that are a lot worse than marijuana.

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Weeping no more: Carvings kill tree


If you read 'fcb's post I was responding to him/her. In the case of FCB's post my comment makes total sense. I also agree with you about the relationships and grown up acting like children by carving in a tree but that wasen't really want I was commenting on.

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