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VIDEO | Vindicator’s stashed WWII files lay to rest man’s questions

Thirtynine: The point came from our informed source and was verified on this site:
If I mistook departing June 5 for not dropping till June 6, my apologies. This site says liftoff was at 2245, not 2230. Is this too an error that you should again be condescending to me? Or should I you?
It's a bit unbecoming either way, I think.

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Hired leaders to aid ours?

Great comment, and especially spot on with my words on Evans and race. To be clear, I did not write that Evans made his decision based on race.
It's nuance. But I was specific to not say such.
My point is that the mismanagement/laziness and system-wide ambivalence are not allowed to happen for 4 years if she is white. That, I feel strongly about.
I'm sure they did not intend for that to be deduced. But that's judgment they left for themselves.

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Gurska, Rogner lead Greatest Golfer 2014

They're right there.

Trumbull CC times, CLICK HERE

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Thank you, Mill Creek crew

Check out the email I rec'd this am:

Imagine my surprise and pleasure reading your article about them re-opening the ice rink and seeing that you quoted me!!!! I'm just 70 years young !!! Yup, we skated at Newport and the tennis courts in Mill Creek. Other friends remembered skating on Crandall and Rocky Ridge .
I got new laces and I will be giving it another try. Hope it happens from now on in Mill Creek.

And to Utica Shale — thanks for reading. Hugs to you, too!!!

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The Mexican restaurant and bar opened Monday in downtown Youngstown

RT ... I appreciate your opinion. We certainly have a drawn a hardline with this. We're not happy to, but I would ask you to consider:
-- If you read the newspaper often, have you ever seen us take this step before?
-- You don't find it concerning that a company would expend funds to open one new place, remodel another .... yet not pay a $21,000 bill to a company that serves many, many goodwill gestures — probably even to your community and your interests?
Israel is an exception to our loyal ad clients. He essentially got services without paying. Try that in his business and see how close you get to your car.
If our other clients acted in same manner, you would not have a story to read or a website to post on ...

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Ginny Maikranz's lesson: You're never too old ...

Dear Todd --
Thanks to the wonders of facebook and google, your piece on Ginny Snyder made its way to me today and I couldn't be more delighted. She is the reason I teach. If I can end up half the woman she was in the classroom and still is out of it, I'll really be something. 
I lost touch after I graduated (I'm class of '82), so if you can, please pass on that her students love her right back. 
(she would know me, though, as Jean Lindsey)
Department of Writing and Linguistics
Georgia Southern University

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Ginny Maikranz's lesson: You're never too old ...

Hello Todd,
I enjoyed reading your article in today's Vindy.
But, I wish you could have included a photo of Ginny with the article.
Even a photo from her eventful past would have been a nice addition.

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Ginny Maikranz's lesson: You're never too old ...

She truly was the best English teacher Poland ever had and the reason I majored in English, not too mention one of the coolest women I ever knew. Great piece, thank you.
Ed M.

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Ginny Maikranz's lesson: You're never too old ...

Hi Todd,

I just read your article about the teacher we called Mrs. Maikranz. I was one of her students in the early 70s. She was tough--even though I was a straight-A student who went on to become valedictorian, she would red-line essays I wrote at least twice to force me to learn how to communicate effectively. I was a math major and hated to write papers, but I knew how, and that made it much easier for me to be successful in college and in my career.

I ran into her about 15 years after I graduated and was able to thank her for helping to shape my life. I wondered if you have any contact info for her? I would love to be able to thank her again.


Cathy F.

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