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Canfield Group Assault

ok " vamp23_1" the reason the kids who say they weren't in the fight got in trouble is cus they were there it is only fair o and next time u get pulled out of ur house and 12 or so people r trying to hurt u make sure u go right to ur principle and tell him/her to suspend u for self defense god y r u people so stupid?

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Canfield Group Assault

ok this is beyond pothetic. 1st if u have a problem with someone u fight him/her by YOURSELF u don't bring 12 other people. 2nd if u and all of ur 12 boys cant take this kid u r complete women seriously sad. 3rd how much of an A**HOLE do you have to be to pull a kid out of his house with his mom standing right there i mean come on do u have any respect for women??? didn't think so. 4th if u r going to go assault a kid don't wear ur school colors u idiots i mean come on there is a kid wearing Mooney shorts didn't u think once "hmmm maybe this is going to have repercussions" i mean come on how dumb r u????? ugh also u Mooney f*gs up above me don't u even try to defend ur palls cus they r just plane dumb and if u r gonna say he started it maybe he did but if the kid he had beef with got his as* kicked the first time then y cant he let it go??? i reiterate myself BEYOND pothetic

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