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Jail guard suspended, seen hitting inmate in video

I find this absolutely unacceptable. Yes, the inmate should not have been drinking and driving and should be held accountable. But did you see the video? Go to and look for the article, they have a video of this incident. Let me ask you this...if you were to back hand a person at your work for any reason, would you still have a job. This officer should be charged with assault, and fired from his job. Shame on the leaders of Akron for just slapping the officer on the wrist...Im a pist off citizen.

April 30, 2010 at 10:27 a.m. suggest removal

YSU’s Jones looks to catch on in the NFL

On the Contrary, Dwight Smiley was also in this game. Any Youngstowner should know this, cmon Scalzo.

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Hugs, handshakes when Thomas, Hagan meet in court

This man should have never even been charged with a FELONIOUS assualt...Intent to harm him seriously would have never flown in court. Dont ever go to Summit Co....I had the same circumstances but not a politician and came up on the losing end. Our Government is a Joke.

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