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Third grade reading scores drop in Mahoning Valley

Formerdemliberal I'm impressed. Sounds like you have all the answers. Maybe you can volunteer in the Youngstown City School districts to help make a change.

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YEA authorized to issue strike notice

I have worked several jobs where I have gotten raises for working there for a certain amount of time and not based on performance. If teachers got raises based on performance all you tax payers would be crying the blues because school districts would go broke. There are excellent teachers out there especially in the Youngstown school district. Also for those hard working people out there who do receive raises based on performance, I am curious to know if your performance is based on one day of hard work or months of hard work. In the teaching world their performance is based on one day and one day only. Where other professions performance is baed on several weeks or even months. Many teachers have not received any pay increase for several years. It is only fair they recieve a cost of living raise. I know those who are not teachers may disagree but they are the ones who can work weekends and overtime to make extra money, teachers do work weekends and do work over but all they recieve is grief over people who like to bash teachers. Not once has anyone mentioned the administration in Youngstown. I think Connie needs another raise. But I bet it's the teachers fault for his huge salary.

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Youngstown schools stay lowest ranked in Valley

It's not the teachers fault for these poor test scores. I am a proud graduate of the Youngstown City Schools. I have had some great teachers and great memories from the district. I agree with everyones comments but not only do I blame parents I also blame the lack of leadership the teachers have. The finger is always pointed at them but the district pays approximatey $120,000 to a leader who is job searching?

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Youngstown schools spent $7 million on substitute teachers over the last five years

Those who are complaining about teachers and sick days would not last one week as a teacher esspecially in an inner city school school.

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