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Thoughts on Wolford's contract extension

Totally disagree Strollo had no option. Its called get a new coach and bring a winner that will bring back the fans. Saying they cannot afford it or it will hurt recruiting is just a way to make it look like this was a thought out decision. This is just being lazy and not going out and do the work..As for the money, two thousand more fans a game ( 12,000) and one home play off game (15,000) at and avg ticket price of $25 is $675,000 more in revenue not to mention parking and retail sales. That buys back Wolfords last year of $250,000 and buys Mangino at $350,000 plus $75k.
Recruiting it would also seem is helped by a new coach who can say I'll be here for another 3-4 years just as easily as Wolford who also has to add, "and I have never won the Conference or been in the playoffs"

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