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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Ok Let me clear a few things up. If you read my post, I did not say ALL of the girard police officers were wrong.While the one girard police officer was doing his job as trained, the other officer was too busy pepper spraying innocent bystanders, which were not of any threat at all. And as I stated I am NOT anti cop.The fact is I am personal friends with several police officers, whom I respect. Now with that being said, I want everyone who is posting on this site to read "lies" first post and read it again and again. Why am I saying this you might ask? Their post STATES the groom IS innocent of assault charges. Now its time for his/her brother in law to step forward and do the right thing.Their post says HE took down the groom.and he/she states the groomsmen of the wedding party beat him.Now my question is why on gods earth did he tell the girard police that it was the groom WHO assaulted him.
Now for all you people posting trash about the bride and groom you need to grow up and do something constructive with your lives instead of posting to something you know nothing about.
As for "lies" im sorry your brother inlaw is going thru what hes going thru.But by the same token he brought this on himself. He did get drunk and he did make many unjust comments to most of the woman there, which in essence is sexual harassment.Furthermore what was his reasoning to tell the groom he (the Bartender/server) was going to f#$k the bride that night? Does anyone here think that was called for? And if you do you better look in the mirror and call yourself a hillbilly.

May 23, 2010 at 2:54 p.m. suggest removal

Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Let me set the record straight before someone like LOL and grkfire post their uninformed opinion....I am by no means anti cop just anti rogue cops who give the 99.9% good cops bad names. Actually for the record Liberty and McDonald cops were calm and professional and actually calmed people down.

May 22, 2010 at 2:24 p.m. suggest removal

Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Now as to what happened outside the hall. As the groom exited the hall he was followed out by the two bartenders.At this time the one bartender who was hitting on all the woman inside the bar provoked the groom once again, yelling " come on, while raising his arms"the groom turned away from him and proceeded across the parking lot at this time the same bartender took off after him and was grabbed by the other bartender and told "hey man what are you doing, we're not out here to start any fights" The 1st bartender broke lose and ran after the groom and tackled him from behind and knocked him to the ground. Soooo you tell me how does a man who weighs maybe a buck 50 who is laying face down in a parking lot with this guy on his back, manage to bust this crackers nose, mess up his eye socket and jaw? HE CANT!!!!!!!!!!! Now lets get to the wonderful Girard police department officer which was 2nd on the scene that went rogue and actually caused the bulk of the insanity. 1st off how can he possibly justify using excessive force on the bride and hitting her numerous times and after knocking her down was actually going to continue beating her? Thank god someone grabbed his club to prevent it but unfortunely that man was pepper sprayed, full faced, another man who had his hands full was also pepper sprayed full faced, he was NO threat, The brides father was walking his daughter away from the scene and he was pepper sprayed! Actually this officer held up his baton and the spray and just sprayed it from right to left in a huge swath that got numerous people. (Which in the actual police report he stated and I quote "it malfunctioned and only emmitted a fog" Since when does a fog spray for like 20 feet and in a stream! Yes obscenities were yelled, everyone was hysterical because the bride was being beaten innocent people were sprayed and the cop himself actually kept calling these same people m fer's. He did not have a clue on how to handle the situation and actually made it worse! As stated above he was going to mace a 77 year old man who was doing nothing more than standing along the building. While this was going on I advised my wife to call 911 and get the State Police rolling because this cop was out of touch with reality, 911 refused to do that. Imagine that.
More interestinly is can anyone tell me why Girard PD did not get any statements from anyone who was at the party? Will the Vindy please report both sides?
And to prove the grooms innocence he stated he WILL take a lie detector test as to being the one whom is accused of assulting the bartender and while we are at it, will the 2 bartenders take a polygraph as well?

May 22, 2010 at 2:20 p.m. suggest removal

Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Let me set the record straight.
The reason im posting here is because I was at this reception from beginning to end.I'm not sitting here behind a screen posting lies on half truths of what some people want you to believe.And i would be willing to take a lie detector test on what im about to say (but just not by the Girard PD.I would be happy to let Liberty PD or any other PD) perform it if they would be interested. With that being said, here is the true events as they unfolded.
The first time entering the bar, I ordered a beer,there were a few guests that ordered a shot of liquor. The woman who was in charge of the facility advised the 2 bartenders and the mother of the bride the halls rules were "no shots".The bartender thats involved advised the guests the way around it was to order it on the rocks so thats how the guests ordered it .Now as the guests ordered thier shots the same bartender poured himself 1 too. Now the bartender did this thru out the whole reception.Now in addition thruout the evening only the men were carded none of the woman.( now stay with me because im showing you the conduct of this bartender).As women entered the bar an ordered drinks the bartender would do a shot with them.And then would flirt with the women saying "stay in the here with me".We have many woman that will testifiy to this fact.We have a male guest that walked into the bar as the bartenders asked if anyone wants to do shots and he said yes, and was told "no you cant only the woman can".Now will this guest testifiy to this fact yes he will.We have numerous women that will come forward an testify to the fact that the bartender was trying to pick them up. No one said anything because no one wanted any trouble and ruin this wedding.Now if this is how this hall operates i would advise everyone to stay away from there to avoid any trouble. Now as the groom was walking down the steps from the room the reception was held he was being followed by the same egotistic bartender, who first, was well under the influence and should not have never left the bar area, at which point the bartender told the groom he was going to F#%K his wife tonight.the groom using better judgement just kept walking outside.

May 22, 2010 at 1:44 p.m. suggest removal


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