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ELECTION UPDATE: Incumbents win for Youngstown council

Catale was a great candidate for the 5th Ward! It's so disgraceful how someone like yourself wants this to be the end of two young people with "political ambitions"...we need more young people like Hanni and Catale who have fresh ideas and are action oriented!

I'm certain that every candidate has confidence in themselves and the policies that they believe in, that IS WHY people run for political positions. It's called drive and ambition, not a "big ego". It's only a matter of time before people will second guess their choice of candidate, especially when nothing changes.

And telling the Hanni family to find another puppet? Really, I thought you said "Hanni" was the puppet?? Sounds like you have a personal issue with the Hanni family if you ask me.

It is what it is, this race will by no means stop Catale (or Hanni the puppet) from running for anything in the future. Life is about learning and moving on to the next opportunity!

Kudos to Catale for having the confidence to get out there and campaign for what he believes in, this will not be the end for him!

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Ray, Drennen on right track as Youngstown councilmen

Money for public assistance is provided from the federal government and state government and programs are run by the state government. Every state has its own regulations on public assistance and county departments of jobs and familiy services assist in giving out benefits according to state/federal regulations. The city cannot put its own regulations on public assistance benefits.

Even if it did have the power to do so there are two problems. One I stated in a previous post that it would be a HUGE COST INCREASE. Our city does not have the money to operate such a program without raising taxes, and neither does the state. Second, if Youngstown was legally able to do this (they aren't) and they had the money (which they don't), do you not think those on public assistance would relocate to another urban area where they could recieve their benefits without a drug test? Sure this sounds great lets get rid of these types of people, but how many people would be left here? 25-30 K? This would only drastically worsen our local economy. At the end of the day it will actually cost our area a great deal of money that we don't have so to me Salata's plan is just flawed logic.

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Ray, Drennen on right track as Youngstown councilmen

Also, some of you are talking about Salata giving some of his pay back to the people- $5,000 to drug test anyone on public assistance. While I think that is an excellent idea, the city has no jurisdiction over public assistance dollars, so to create that type of a program would be illegal and the city would be paying thousands in legal fees to fight to have one. Also, does he realize how many people in the city are on public assistance? $5,000 wouldn't cover the cost to operate that type of program for more than an hour. Your talking about a HUGE EXPENSE TO THE TAXPAYERS to have that kind of program. Kind gesture but he would be better off dontaing the $5,000 fix up some of the homes in the ward.

It's obvious Salata doesn't have a handle on law and how government works so I don't see why some are advocating for him unless they are relatives or himself.

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Ray, Drennen on right track as Youngstown councilmen

Askmeificare said, "just look how bad catale handled the BOE."

Do you have any examples to show how "bad" he handled the board? The kid ran for the board of education when they were in fiscal emergency and millions in debt. He was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to step up and take on that challenge. I know I couldn't do it. Especially when the board was stuck with Wendy Webb as superintendent because the previous board gave their sweetheart a long contract extension. I think my dog would have done a better job as superintendent. Don't forget the superintendent runs the schools.

I remember sitting at the Westside Citizen Coalition candidates night when he was running for the board and he stressed his pledge to fiscal responsibility. The kid stepped up on behalf of his colleagues on the board and became president to spearhead that effort. The district is now out of fiscal emergency and the kid oversaw the committee to hire the new superintendent after the board booted old Wendy. To me Catale deserves nothing but credit for doing as best a job as he could. You make more enemies than friends when your a vocal person like him. I didn't know who the heck he was before he ran for the board but he sure has earned my respect. We need more young people with passion like him and this city will get back on its feet. Time to replace the old timers like myself! :)

I live in the 5th ward and without a doubt I want Catale as my next councilman!

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