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Boardman gets grant to fund volunteer firefighters

Here are some NFPA statistics for everyone to consider.
'There were 1,100,450 firefighters in the United States in 2011. Of these, 344,050 (31%) were career and 756,400 (69%) were volunteer.'

'Facts & figures
Most of the career firefighters (73%) are in communities that protect 25,000 or more people.
Most of the volunteer firefighters (94%) are in departments that protect fewer than 25,000 people, and more than half are located in small, rural departments protecting fewer than 2,500 people.'

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Youngstown board OKs hefty severance payments

Really Toycannon? I am a 40 something year old small business owner in Boardman. I get it. What I don't get is the mentality of you people. Where do you get your hatred for public servants?

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Youngstown board OKs hefty severance payments

The vacation time payout for these city servants is do to them for the year 2012. They were paid for in 2011. Nobody complains when the guy has to work his first year with no vacation. The accumulated time is OT that the employee did not get paid for in the first place. If we force these guys to use it or loose it then we will be paying sick time at 100% not 30%. I find it interesting that nobody complains about performance bonuses, matching 401k's, contingency bonus, and golden parachutes in the private sector. Yet, you pay a civil servant a bonus and everyone cries foul. Nobody was crying foul 40 and 50 years ago when you could work in the mill for 2x what you could working for the police or fire departments. Nobody cried foul when the city god's signed collective bargaining agreements with unions promising great vacation packages and buyouts when they retired instead of raises.

I want to know which one of you haters is willing to drive a police car into a shootout? Or stop a domestic violence assault. Or run into a burning building. Maybe you would like to stand on-top of a tanker full of gas and drill a 2inch hole into it.

To the retiring YFD and YPD employees, thank you for a job well done!

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Turnpike privatization study loses federal funding

The original charter for the turnpike stated that as long as the turnpike was in debt it would be its own entity. Once the turnpike became profitable it would be turned over to ODOT.

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Two killed in Boardman crash

Well said Bplus, and Vicki!!! Thanks Stan, now we all know that you will bash anybody and anything. Another reason why this vindy website is nothing more than garbage!

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Eatery caters to unions

Hey jethead, they have the freedom to walk away from that job just like the store owner has the freedom to display a sign that he/she supports what ever they want to.

By the way, 50 years ago they were forcing people to work extra hours, they were forcing people to work in unsafe conditions, they were forcing people to work for nothing.

For the record, I am a card carrying republican.

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Eatery caters to unions

On the back of my shirt it says 'Made in America'.
The vehicles I drive are Made by American men and women, for an American Car Company. Now I get to patronize a company that proudly displays a sign supporting American Workers.

Last time I check, this was still America. Freedom of choice!

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Boardman levy backers await health-care vote

Last week the vindy reported that, according to the township insurance 'broker', no other insurance company was willing to give a quote to the township at the current deductibles. Now the vindy is printing a pdf of two insurance carrier quotes. Interetsting! What other lies are being told by the broker?

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