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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

(two sides to every story), must have had my mind feeling sorry for the story. LOL

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard


Let me guess, you agree with a police officer beating a woman with a baton,she looked very intimidating in her wedding gown. Like I said there is two sides to every sorry. Everyone knows someone who was wrongfully accused sometime in their life. The problem with this story being put on the front page is now the groom is guilty in the eyes of the public, and we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. The Girard officer made a lot of mistakes that evening, and now they are trying to make sure they don't get in any trouble for his actions.

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Yes could_it_be you are right, there is more to the story, first the Girard police leaked this story a week after it happened, because they know their officer was wrong. The way the one officer conducted himself, was police brutality, they are releasing this story to hurry and cover it up. I wish the vindy would get all sides to the story before running a story that makes the bride and groom look like the vilians. The halls employee started the whole fight, but the police did not take anyone elses statement. The police officer pepper sprayed innocent people as they came out of the hall, one gentleman got sprayed with his hands full, he had a big box and a camcorder bag in his hands and the police officer ran to him and said F^$#&* you and sprayed him. That man was treated by the ambulance for excessive spray at the scene. The brides father got sprayed because he was pulling his daughter away from the police officer who was beating her with his baton. The father was twenty feet away from the officer and got sprayed in the back of his head, so I am pretty sure he was no threat to the officer. The same officer went after a 78 year old man, several guests jumped in front of the older man to keep the officer from spraying or hitting him. So yes there is a lot more to the story. Sounds like the bride and groom need a lawyer to sue the city of girards police dept. and the hall for ruining what is suppose to be a beautifull day in your life.

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