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4 bedroom, 4 bath

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Region's reps differ widely on historic vote

The federal government has so many vastly superior employees, that I sleep like a baby every night. How can any of you doubt their intentions. Afterall, this is the same government who designed two little lifesavers for when I hit my golden years and become dependent on the money I did not put away for retirement. Social Security and Medicare are a crucial part of my financial plan in life.

This government is so insightful, they established SS so I can have an income stream after I turn 65. Someone assured me that even though it appears to be a Ponzi Scheme of epic proportions, it will be around when I hit 65(30+ years from now). Fixing that minor snafu has got to be on Monday's docket in Congress, now that health care is finalized.

Medicare is health insurance that I will take full advantage of once I hit those retirement ages. The geniuses inside the beltway have provided me with coverage once I retire!! It is a government program, and it has got to be profitable, or they would not be taking money out of it in this little health care legislation we are debating. Correct? I love those DC politicians, they are always placing my well being ahead of their own!!

God bless America, I welcome her shift towards mediocrity, hard work is so overrated(and hard)!! No matter what happens to me personally, Uncle Sam, Tim Ryan, Charlie Wilson, etc. will always be there for me.

Hypothetically, I happen run into financial ruin, there is always welfare or bankruptcy!! I might be struck with dire health issues, I now can rely on my federal government to heal or extend my life with their new health care reform. And God forbid, if I am having one of those bad days we all have, I just go into some government-run entity, and the bright, cheerful employee I embrace will always turn my frown upside down!!!

Tomorrow is going to be historic!!! If this atrocity is approved, when you see the stills or the live press conferences of Obama, Reid, or Pelosi, just ask yourself as they are flashing their pearly whites into those cameras, what are they muttering under their breaths?

"Our constituents are such schmucks...."

March 20, 2010 at 10:41 p.m. suggest removal

Region's reps differ widely on historic vote

This is fantastic news!! I cannot wait to hear the tally of this vote. I have full confidence in our federal government and it's ability to run large government programs. Red Tape and slow moving mass never come to mind when I go to the DMV or Post Office.

Their employees are always so gracious and worried about customer service. They always provide exceptional effort and go the extra mile to make sure the consumer is pleased!! Just the other day, with the line 14 deep at my local post office, the clerk stayed until 5:01PM, by accident. She told everyone to have a good weekend, and come back on Monday morning. That was so nice of her. It's only mail, not like I needed a life saving operation!?!

On a separate note, what if healthcare did become a single payer plan, and they had some budgetary issues down the road(highly unlikely per Democrats). There would be no way they would stop providing care all 7 days of the week? Who am I kidding, they efficiently deliver mail 6 days per week. Wait a minute, did I just hear the USPS might have to stop mail delivery on Saturdays? How is that possible, is there new competition in the mail industry? I thought the USPS was a monopoly, how could they possibly be having budgetary problems? The USPS is the only entity selling stamps, correct?

I can now abandon my diet and exercise plans, start smoking cigarettes and drinking Jack Daniels like a fish!! Protected sex will be long forgotten after this 'historic' vote tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! No matter what my lifestyle or preexisting conditions may be, some insurance company has to provide me with health insurance. Who will offset my risk to that insurance company? I could honestly care less, because it will not be me. We all get health care!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the number 32 million is the new number being covered by all reports. I thought the original number was around 47 million, what happened to those other 15 million saps?

What if that insurance company's balance sheet cannot handle this new risk pool? We move onto the next insurance company and continue that process until we are all under a universal government plan!!


March 20, 2010 at 10:40 p.m. suggest removal

Democrats fail the Valley

Hey Timmy Ryan,
You better update your resume, November is only 11 months away. Maybe you could join Political Ladders, a new job search engine for Democrats!

Uber-Liberal Massachussetts just elected a Republican Senator to fill Ted Kennedy's seat!! Please continue to push health care Tim & Charlie, you might need it's benefits on the unemployment line.

January 19, 2010 at 9:41 p.m. suggest removal

Anti-Obama spirit is afoot

Hey Alfred,
I hope Santa Claus brought you some Kleenex for those tears. What type of democracy would we live in if we cannot criticize "Our" President? I certainly did not see you making similiar posts during the Bush tenure when the Main Stream Media was pounding his every move.

Barry Obama is a big boy, and he made some pretty significant promises on the campaign trail, so it is time to live up to them. If you do not want the pressure and constructive criticism that come along with the title of President of the United States, then you have two options. Quit or do not make promises you cannot keep.

Afterall, you followers of change elected a college professor with some community organizing experience! Maybe next election cycle, you could choose a mall cop or carnival worker!! Enjoy the next 3 years...

December 31, 2009 at 10:58 a.m. suggest removal

Anti-Obama spirit is afoot

Let's step back a think for a minute on why going to Iraq was a necessary step in the war against terrorism. First and foremost, it rid that country's citizens of a dictator who extinguished hundreds of thousands of people via genocide. I guess that alone is not enough for us to remove a leader of a country and defeat his military?

Do you honestly believe that homicidal maniac did not have some form of chemical or biological weapons?

Your weapons of mass destruction argument is irrelevant with my next point. We needed an arena to draw Al Queda into, and Iraq served that purpose. You are seeing today why Afghanistan was not the ideal local(terrain and tribal warlords) to battle these scum bag terrorists.

In all of your infinite wisdom, how would you have tackled this situation? These radicals hate us and our way of life. Quite frankly, diplomacy with people who would just assume wipe us off the map is not a viable option.

The War on Terrorism is far from over, as you can see from the Detroit incident on Christmas Day. We need to support our troops and remind our lawmakers of the suffering and fright we all experienced on 09.11.2001!!

I am not a huge fan of many things brought about during the Bush years, but the military response was necessary to protect our country. If you do not realize that, then you are a lost cause. Even if Barry Obama decided to pull every last soldier out of the Middle East tomorrow, do you really think these radicals would disappear?

Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2009 at 10:46 a.m. suggest removal

Drinking and driving is the best way to start a bad year

What is so wrong about offering free funeral services to the morons who drive drunk in Rome, GA? These nitwits have to enter into a contract today by 12PM stating their intentions. Is it too crazy to think the Rome Police Department might be keeping an eye on the citizens who show up at this establishment to sign the contract?

Those that should be ashamed of themselves, are the thoughtless douche bags who will be driving drunk this weekend. Here is a wild and crazy idea, find a designated driver!! Then there will be no innocent people murdered by a lazy slob who thinks he/she can drive home after boozing.

Use some common sense and Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

December 31, 2009 at 9:54 a.m. suggest removal

Key security agencies lack permanent leaders

That is fantastic, but you are going to have some stiff competition from very seasoned veterans for these positions.

First for the TSA position, Chaz Sanders, is a viable candidate. He is the assistant regional director of shopping center security at Southern Park Mall. He has been profiling mall patrons for years, keeping the kiosks and stores safe for you and I to peacefully drive the Boardman economy. He also holds the World Guinness Book of Records for consuming the most free Chick-Fil-A free samples in one shift.

The Border Protection post is being pursued by Raul Finkel. He is the nighttime manager at the local Taco Bell. If there is anyone more qualified to run the 'Border' Protection agency than Raul, I would like to meet them. Plus, his brother is Ray Finkel, heralded former Miami Dolphins Kicker. "Laces Out" or Raul will kick you write back over the border!!

December 31, 2009 at 9:32 a.m. suggest removal

Business 2009: The Cruze

Hey Don,
I think the title of your article is misleading. GM is now a federally run government program. The monetary vacuum known as GM is built on the same business 'chassis' as Social Security and Medicare, BLACK HOLES OF TAXPAYER MONEY!!

To classify GM as an actual business is insulting, it should have been allowed to file for bankruptcy and reorganize on it's own. GM would fall in the '2009 Top Ten Charitable Stories of the Year category.'

On a related note, Pontiacs have a 46% discount coming down the pipe. Must be a going out of business sale. Maybe GM will ask some employees to stand on the corner of 224 & Market with paper signs stapled to wooden sticks like the furniture stores!! You could even have them dress up in fuzzy costumes, that would be great.

December 29, 2009 at 11:32 a.m. suggest removal

Key security agencies lack permanent leaders

President Obama is taking his time to make the appropriate selection for these positions. With his extensive management experience, he wants to select the most qualified and knowledgable person for the job through due diligence. This is where those 'Community Organizing' skills come in handy. Organizing a local communtiy pickup basketball game is in a sense the same as choosing the head of a major department in the federal government. I am so glad he is our leader, plus I cannot wait to see the People Magazine pictures of his vacation!!

On another note, "...the new leader would let TSA screeners join a labor union."

I thought all federal government employees already belonged to a union. You cannot fire or discipline these hacks, they just stick around forever, bleeding the American Taxpayer dry. They have a 'gold-plated' health insurance plan and great pay. What in the hell would the TSA employees need a union for? Maybe, they were not pleased with the cuisine served at their holiday party!?!


December 29, 2009 at 11:04 a.m. suggest removal

Senate Dems clear hurdle on health care

What happened to the 49 Million Number? I thought we were promised everyone in the nation will be covered? Now it is down to 30,000,000?

December 21, 2009 at 11:28 a.m. suggest removal



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