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Too many to accommodate at today's Big Foot program in Leetonia

I know you really would have went if you could Its just like everything in the world,its all in interest. Nobody is interested in taxes because no matter how hard you try and fight it,it does no good and wont change things.Some of those people went to the bigfoot event because they have been holding in what they had seen years ago and was able to tell it at the event without being ridiculed!

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Bigfoot presentation draws a big crowd

I would say that either you were a naturally born hater and you think your crap doesn't stink and your better than everybody else or perhaps you might have exceeded the limitations of your medication...I don't know which.

August 11, 2013 at 4:12 p.m. suggest removal

Bigfoot presentation draws a big crowd don't seem very educated to me with all your name calling and derogatory comments toward people,you actually remind me of someone who doesn't like what anybody does.If you are so great and educated,get out of your chair and stop complaining and go out and educate people. I for one know this creature exists because I have seen it myself,you or anybody else will not tell me it was something else because I know what I saw 2 years ago.If you take everybody that has witnessed something they all cant be dreamers and liars.Hella,you have no clue what your talking about,you just like to run down others just because your mind is as closed as a book and cant see things like others.

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Bigfoot researchers plan session

HellaBB...First of all the your tax dollars aren't paying for this event,it is done free of charge and if you don't like the idea then maybe you could get out of your chair and plan something and hold it at the library instead of complaining what others do!

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