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GOP’s opposition to Obamacare would not shut the government

The titles that are called out are well earned Cathy and you know it. The facts pointed out in my comments proves I'm right not the color commentary added for amuzment. THE ACA is the first step to real health care and a single payer system like in Canada which is far more advanced in delivering health care to the peope in need than this profit motive selfish system we have and you know it. It's not adding to the debt its saving money and that is a fact. THe CBO has already shown the data and like everything else you and your kind deny the facts to suit your insane ideology. Hey Cathy got a question for you, are you your brother's and sister's keeper? The only nanny state is republican rule. They stop health care and tell women what is good for them They sponser state rape after the women has been raped and seeks an abortion. They cut education, pass voter suppression laws becaus ethey don't want people to vote they want to be the people's nanny and tell them how to live.

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GOP’s opposition to Obamacare would not shut the government

OK seriously look at what happened in the CLinton years. He didn't come kicking and screaming it was the tax hikes that he and congress inacted that ended the deficit and started a surplus. Republicans came into power because of a backlash over that policy which was proven to work and it wasn't changed when they got the house in the 90's. It was change only AFTER they got the house and Senate with Bush and then they destroyed the budget and the economy.

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GOP’s opposition to Obamacare would not shut the government

LOL Alright Daniel there are so many things wrong with this letter where to start. Well for one your logic on the republicans winning the house means people don't want the ACA. Republicans lost the vote for the house by over 1.5 million across the country. More voted for democrats than repubicans yet republicans maintained control because of republican "deceit" and gerrymandered districts. Obama won both elections with more than 50% of the vote. SO the people spoke both ways.
SECOND, you pass off shutting down the government like its no big deal. Typical of republicans who live in their own myth land they call reality.
3rd, you think the minorty rules because they have control of 1 house. Compromise is not in your vocabulary. Typical Tea Party Bull pucky.
4th There is plenty of money to fund the government if the tax system that is giving billions away to corporation and the rich was reset the way it was before Republicans took over in 2001. Remember we had huge surpluses that if you are a fiscal conservative you would have used that to pay down the debt not give it to the rich. In the 1950's corporate taxes accounted for over 40% of the federal revenue today it is less than 9%. Get corporate tax back to that level and there are no problems.
5, the senate will pass it but they will put the funding back in it for the ACA and then send it back to the house. The ACA is MANDATORY and saves money and lives. You believe the lies it makes you feel so much better.
6. The debt ceiling is about paying the bills congress and that means you republicans, have already rung up like the wars and budget deficits of over a trillion dollars you left in 2008 with a crashed economy. I could go on but your not worth it.

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Bad driving is a security issue

There is a problem with how statistics are kept on drunk driving. Whenever anyone is in an alchohol related accident the fault is ALWAYS PLACED ON THE DRIVER WHO HAS CONSUMED THE ALCHOHOL REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES. and that is WRONG. I know people who were legally drunk sitting at a red light or stop sign and someone plowed into them from behind who was sober. The alchohol driver DID NOTHING to cause the accident yet is put at fault and when someone was killed in this manner they put him in jail for over 8 years for manslaughter which is wrong.

OK charge him for driving under the influence but his driving did not cause the accident and the person who did not only gets away scott free but gets to sue the guy he hits and win tons of money from his insurance. Again wrong. Just because someone was drinking and driving doesn't mean that is what caused an accident. This and all other cases cause false statistics in just how bad the problem of drunk driving really is. I am not for drunk driving but I am for honest information and results.

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Responsible gun law needed

Anyone who thinks that the second amendment is and aboslute right for any fire arm is an absolte idiot.

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An experiment in gun safety

Guns are designed to kill. The old sad argument the writer uses simply is stupid. Guns kill. Its what they do. Try this for an experiment. Don't have a gun on a table and see if anyone gets shot? Guns are not hammers or cars and cannot be compared to them. Hammers and cars are NOT DESIGNED TO KILL GUNS ARE DESIGNED TO KILL. That is a fact. Austrailia banned a lot f guns and it worked there very well. They still have guns for hunting and personal protection but no assault weapons or high capacity magazines and guess what? NO MASS MURDERS IN OVER 10 Years! Suisides are down almost 50% and all gun deaths are down around 50%. Not bad for a law the gun loby says doesn't work.

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Paul stands up for Constitution

Rand Paul is an idiot. Keeps saying Hitler was elected and he wasn't he was appointed. Also keeps referring to The President as Hitler. AllTea party people are nut bags who do not understand government and do not want government they want anarchy. Rand Paul IS THE PERSON HE'S WARNING EVERYONE ABOUT.

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Last thing needed are gun laws

Last thing we need are more nut bags like this letter writer. Gun nuts UNITE! Assault weapons ban is not taking away your guns. You have plenty more. No sanity and armed guards didn't stop Columbine. Or Virginia Universtiy or many other shootings from happening. AUSTRAILIA DID THE BAN and they still have guns and guess what? Not a mass murder with a gun in over 15 years with the ban.

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Democrats demonize the rich

It cracks me up how rich people think they are being penalized for being successful. They are being charged for the services and protections of their livelyhood and wealth according to what you make. The more you make the more you are responsible for its not a penalty it's just one of those costs to being rich. Any investments that are made are tax deductions anyways before they pay them. They don't make investents in helping the economy anymore just in taking from it.

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GOP must resist

David you are a nut bag. There were more jobs created in the 8 years of Clinton than in the 20 years of Regan, Bush1 and Bush 2 combined! Taxing the rich at the Clinton era rates will HELP THE ECONOMY not hurt it. Business is sitting on over $2trillion in cash profits. Money is suppose to circulate not get hoarded. Money is simply a tool for the distribution of goods and services. The rich ARE THE PROBLEM.

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