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‘Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein’ had Oakland audience laughing all night

Hmmm...I think that the quality of shows produced by the Oakland has significantly gone down hill; looking for cheap thrills instead of true substance. Swearing, sexual innuendos and, of course, nudity have come center stage instead of true talent that some of these fine actors have. I am truly appalled at the lack of respect for one's self presented in this and many other of the shows at this establishment. One fine actress, who is quickly becoming known for her nudity on the Oakland stage, was once a respectful woman playing the strong, motherly Marmee at YSU. She now prances around in these "avant garde" shows in little but her underwear. I feel that the Oakland corrupts once upstading actors and actresses. At what point do we, as the audience, say "enough is enough!" and walk away from the nudity and look for more respectful shows. Would you allow your sons or daughters view such spectacles? I know that I thank my lucky stars that I did my research before taking my kids to any of these shows. If there is a chance of nudity, you know it will be in there. Any young actors or actresses, BEWARE! If you respect yourself or your careers at all, don't look at the Oakland for a chance to broaden your resume, find a respectable establishment to do so. Unless the Oakland shapes up, I will no longer patron any of their performances. I apologize if some of you think I am out of hand, but this is just an opinion. You are entitled to yours and it may very well be different. I encourage all of you who feel as I do to express your feelings here or to the Oakland. Thank You, ~A Concerned Mother~

February 11, 2010 at 2:06 a.m. suggest removal