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Homeowner charged after shots fired at sign vandals

This is the Mahoning Valley. who's to say the bullets in the car were actually from that firearm? Hell, i see bullet holes in cars every day just driving around; they are like little trophies. Was any testing done? It's a safe assumption that none was. About the bullet wound on the teen, who's to say that it was actually a bullet wound?

I was shot at before as a teen while riding motorcycles in places i shouldn't have been (my old-ass neighbor's property). thats some scary stuff (i can't say s--t?!?). definitely a deterrent from riding there again. Looking back i'm sure that neighbor (fully capable of picking rabbits of at ~100 yards with an old school open sight .22LR; i eventually bought the gun after his passing) could have taken my head clean off but used discretion and thankfully didn't hurt me. It was very effective without causing harm or getting my parents involved. We lived in a rural area, things were done that way.

However, if the gentleman that wielded the firearm in Warren intended to cause serious harm on the teens, shame on him. A silly sign (or in this case his pride) is not worth someone's life, especially a teenage neighbor's. I personally don't believe that this falls under the jurisdiction of the castle laws. If they were attempting to set his house on fire for political reasons, I could justify.

They were challenging his political views. Not in a productive or right way but hell, they're teenagers. The gentleman's actions have worked against him and against John McCain's. How many people in that neighborhood will change their vote to Obama due to his actions?

-again, just a digest of thoughts ;)

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Liberty to change response by police

why doesn't someone just get a copy of the coroner's report? it should all be in there.

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UPDATE: 50 years for pair in Kaluza case

(this post is assuming that a convicted murderer is male; try to keep an open mind and think logically about this)

Castration could help to curb our murder or attempted murder rate. Hear me through; don't interrupt. Instituting mandatory castration for all convicted murderers immediately before being released from prison could cause people to think twice about taking the shot if they knew that they would be losing their testicles if they were caught. (ha, that rhymes) Because they would be losing their testicles immediately before they were released from prison, they would have the opportunity to make as many appeals as they could to show that they were innocent and keep their testicles. Convicted persons should try harder to stay in the prison to exhaust their appeals, effectively keeping these people off of the streets. Lower testosterone levels in a person's body after castration could help to reduce their overall aggression level.

The procedure itself is generally non-life threatening, inexpensive and heals in a relatively short amount of time. It is also quite effective at causing sterility. Sterility ensures that these convicted persons do not inject their DNA back into the gene pool of the general population. No vasectomies and no prosthetics. Both of the boys are gone.

I'm not talking about people convicted of vehicular homicide, self-defense killings, involuntary manslaughter or other. I'm talking about premeditated murderers.

YES! Some may argue that "this is cruel and unusual!". It may be, it all depends on your viewpoint. You can be sure that the convicted person will be crying like a baby immediately before castration and really think about what they did.

I'm sure there are fundamental flaws to this idea. The theory is not refined, it's just an opinion. Every male knows that they need their testicles and that you can't just go out and get another pair at walmart.

Losing testicles = bad; Universal Truism. Wish everyone's thought about murder was similar.

-the hoff

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State grant sought for $24M residential plan near YSU

didn't they find a dead girl in a trash can over there?

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UPDATE: 50 years for pair in Kaluza case

worst part, kaluza can't even kick these guys in the nuts after they do get out.

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