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Growing global: Chamber courts investors for World Trade Center in Valley Youngstown

Maybe we could start up a bunch of WTC's, including here in my sinkhole part of the world. I think I've finally got hold of the REVISED AMERICANDREAM. Grab the money and grab as much money as quick as you can grab the MONEY. Honey - sounds great

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Dear public employees: Be afraid

De Sala-czar..the outsourcing of journalism, so-called. Give us some Traficant-baiting once again. The lections over for crying out loud

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Congressman Charlie Wilson hurt by outside money

We have a local rag. But not like this!

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DE SOUZA: What are voters thinking?

You can add one more and make it 21,001. I wrote him in for my rep. Actually, a couple more on top of that, who don't think Lewis is out for our interests, wrote him in also. (I forgot to wear my Traficant for President button when I went and casted my ballot.) Gov'ts outta control..gotta love that Charley. Beam me up!

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New GOP vs. old GOP

Both sides are nuttier than a holiday fruitcake. If nothing else, let off steam and vote against the majority on principle. Traficant is hated by both,R's&D's alike, and annhilated by the media, because he represents - at least, in this reporter's opinion - an actual pulling-the-head-out-of-the-sand-and-face-the-music'n'tackle-the-status-quo attitude. He seems not that bad, like some want us to believe. I mean look at washington..Taking the worst view, he's the lesser of at least around 400+ evils. Now think about it

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Why Strickland must win

Traficant. Yes he can!

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Why Strickland must win

Alright. If you insist here's a poem:
We're close to our computers to get the reports, but far from where the battles are being reported. So we fight a war of words..taunts and inuendos and that's what we can easily do. And this because we're unemployed and pissed and frustrated..bored. Get up, write a poem/ right a wrong, go back to sleep. Wake up and vote, go back to sleep. Let's celebrate whatever's gonna happen next.

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Why Strickland must win

Ha-ha, NYR1 UR2Kool! Keep up the good werke, comrade.

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For governor: Ted Strickland

Why are you so-called journalists afraid to comment on Traficant for a full 2 months before the election, now? Chickens! You know every time you opened your big, fat pens, it only encouraged support for his election from the people at whose pleasure any politician can serve. It will be my pleasure to see him return to the loving arms of his former family of democra..rats.

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Contractor willing to work with Traficant on casino complex construction

Look around washington and see if your unfulfilled hopes for a political solution can be realize by just about anybody worrking the tax-dollar without scrutiny. I still like Jim. He is AMERICA'S CONGRESSMAN. gO-O-O-O-O Jimbo!

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