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Lawmaker wants Cleveland Indians to change name

In an unrelated event in 1755 during the French and Indian War (part of the Seven Years' War), Native Americans allied with the French and massacred 11 missionaries.
Attis... get a life.

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City man gets 6-year prison term for double homicide in 2011

What it means is the prosecutors office did not do their job well enough so THEY had to accept the plea deal. We the people need to remember these things come November.

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BREAKING NEWS || Masseuse accusing Al Gore of 'unwanted sexual contact'

It's that time of life for Al Gore. He is confusing global warming with hot flashes.

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BIROS UPDATE: One-dose lethal injection for Biros worked as planned

Danny Lee!

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Ohio agencies officially drop the word 'retardation' from their names

Lets spend more tax dollars and remove Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Spina Bifida and Autism before somebody else's feelings get hurt.

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UPDATED: Gutierrez, former Dann aide, pleads guilty to theft in office, other charges

Let me be the first to get one of his paintings, or maybe a couple of tickets to his concert!

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City cop off the job for alcohol use

Hey Vinny24! Lets say next time he shows up over the limit, he kills someone with his car or gun. Could be a family member. Glad you reinstated him now? He has to go. I am a strong supporter of the safety forces, but this can't happen.

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Do you believe the president and Congress will be able to reform health care?

Government run healthcare! Yeah, thats what I want. They have already shown us how good they are at it. Just talk to anyone about the V.A. Hospitals. Horror stories.

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Welcome to the Covelli Centre

Yeah, you're right "Westside". I noticed the same thing. Between the two stories, the city is turning down $340,000.00. Someone has some explaining to do. Sounds like the city has something against Zoldan or maybe it is all the things Covelli has done for the city.

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Bottom line....A better education. It's really not about religion. Until these people that are complaining about the vouchers complain about their school systems and get them fixed...Take the vouchers and run!

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