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Bottom Dollar stores off to top-notch start in Youngstown

I get so tired of all the negative comments but people have a right to write and say what they want. I hope and pray that these stores are here to stay. I hope and pray that the communitites embrace these stores and that the bad elements in the community leave the stores alone. It is very difficult for a lot of people to drive or get rides way out to Boardman, Canfield, etc just to grocery shop. I really hope that these stores are the start of the revitalization of these communities.

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Why is it people cannot just be happy for all the hard work these young men did to get to the state championship? They were the ones on the field playing and they, along with their coaches, deserve to be congratulated. I am so sick and tired of hearing how Mooney and Ursuline recruit. It is getting OLD! It is a shame that people cannot even say something nice when teenagers are doing something positive. A simple congratualtions and good luck is all that needs to be said. Congratulations Mooney! We are MOONEY! So proud of you all. CMHS c/o 84.

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Ceremony celebrates life of 'lovely little girl’

RIP little Miss Unique. What a wonderful way for the school to celebrate her life. I really hope people will fous on the positives of this article and not the negatives.

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Class provides opportunity for Mooney students to help others

Way to go Mooney. Keep up the good work. CMHS c/o 84.

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2nd market in store for South Side

We had no problems with Food Lion in South Carolina. We actually had two stores in our community and they stayed busy.

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South Side grocery plan sparks optimism

Terryz34, to answer you question, no I no longer live in Youngstown but I visit frequently. I was raised and born on the Southside. Glad that you moved to Berlin Center and then to Boardman. You did what you felt you needed to do for your family. I also grew up in a time, when one did not have to lock doors. Irregardless of where we live, what does that have to do with the fact that there is a need for a grocery store on the Southside? I am hopeful that the store will be built and there will be a way to keep all safe. Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Years.

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South Side grocery plan sparks optimism

There is a need for a grocery store on the South side. People should not have to go all the way to Boardman, Austintown or Canfield to buy food. Yes, crime is bad on the Southside, but crime is bad everywhere. I am so tired of reading all these post that stereotype people living on the Southside as thugs. I still have family living on this side of town. Family who take pride in their homes that they raised a family in. Family who are honest law abiding people.

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Two Mooney teens’ bodies found at cemetery

I was so saddened to hear of this tragic news. I do not know these young men or their families. I can only imagine what the families are going through at a time like this. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. May the Lord Bless these families during their time of grief. My heartfelt sympathies. CMHS 1984 graduate.

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Teams write new chapter in Valley’s football tradition

As I have posted many times before, I am a proud 1984 graduate of CMHS. I am so thrilled that Mooney and Ursuline were able to win the football championships for their divisions. I think it is such an accomplishment for these young men. I would also like to think that the residents of Youngstown and all the Mahoning valley are proud of these two schools as I am. I no longer live in y-town, but everyone around me knows about the success of these two great football teams. Congrats to both Mooney and Ursuline.

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MOONEY LIVE | Cardinals are state champions!

Congratulation on a job well done. Cardinal Mooney footbal team of 2009 undefeated and state champs. Love me some Mooney Cardinals. Pround 1984 CMHS grad.

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