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Rep. Ryan’s decision to stay put is right on

when ryan was asked by the glbt community why he did not put his name as sponsor on a house bill to end discrimination against the glbt military men and women? he said he had his reasons, when asked what his reasons are? he declined to give an answer. so much for showing his true color when it comes to end discrimination against citizens who fights for preserving our liberties in this country while aboard.

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Do you like the name Covelli Centre for the new downtown entertainment facility?

there is more to this agreement that meets the public culinary lease is up in the near future at the convocation centre. who, will the city offer the food concession stands to after boston culinary lease is up? zolan or covelli, who has made a living from selling food for a living?

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Parents indicted in shooting death of toddler

one must lose a child by death through disease, accident or tradegy to feel for those parents. professional and blue collar workers make foolish mistakes everyday on thier jobs through industrial accidents and misquided advise. should we lock them up too? i cannot pass judgement what went wrong in their dwelling that caused thier little son to take the gun and shoot himself by ACCIDENT. i do not know these parents but i am sure they are wonderful parents that were doing the past they can while raising thier two children and the devil got in the way and bam went with his evil wrath. we should pray everynight that we are never in that predictment because of causes and consequences went astray.

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Antonini resigns Democratic Party post

the last time i check, the democratic party was runned by democratic voters in mahoning county. i strongly suggest anyone that is a stakeholder in the democratic process attend the public meeting when the precinct committeemen/wo elect the new chair. as an innocent bystander, you will see the power-play that will come out of these individuals. if you know your precinct committee person i strongle suggest that you voice your opinion on his/her selection for this position. i strongly urge everyone and anyone support the most qualified and untainted one from the wrath of the moneybrokers that had destroyed this valley for their personal interests. i would like to see a dark horse from corners of this democratic party to succeed as partychair that has progessive ideas that aren't associated with the likes of the Hanni's, hagen's, gerrberry's, mcnally's, carano's, sciontino's and the lisa's of this mahoning valley democratic party. these individuals makes the real true blue voters of mahoning valley look like a brunch of boofoons. this is the time to elect someone that has the best interest at heart for the mahoning valley residents instead of individuals that are concern of beefing up thier PERS at the taxpayers expense.

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Youngstown police shoots ‘aggressive’ dog 13 times

boo hoo hoo poor little doggy my arse if you read the story the cops found cocaine and gun supplies. lucius ave is gang territory and the little doggy owner should thank his lucky stars that the police officier didn't use his weapon on him. there is more to the story then the little doggy owner wants us to know. keep your ear to the ground for the rest of the story.

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Cut salaries soon or face layoffs, Williams warns unions in letter

at the 7wcc town hall meeting the other evening williams was asked if he would work as a police officer for $28,000 per year; he said he would work for $28,000. i wonder if he would work for the same amount as mayor of ytown especially it is in dire straights? his ten percent pay cut and benefits cut is a slap in the face of ytown residents especially when his wife Sonja is employed at YSU with benefits. i do not know who has more bull???? williams or the former Chicago stockyards. if williams is really serious about cutting back his pay why not by 50 percent. he can still live like a king especially with a two household incomes supported by taxpayers. he and his wife lives a housing development on the westside on Castle court drive with a 75% tax abatement. once again williams is full of himself and for himself and himself alone. the way the safety forces can beat him at his own game is to endose a pro safety forces independant canidate in the upcoming mayor's race and back him/her with full thottle and throw the union buster out of office once for all. a true democrat is not union buster he/she is pro union not anti-union aka jay(roy) williams.

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Economic woes not new to Youngstown

williams is not a democrat, he is a republican thru and thru. i do not know any democrat that is waiting in the wings for williams endorsement for their election bid for local, state and federal government offices that will turn the tide in their favor. williams took twenty thousands dollars from sonny smith, ytown's mr. republican. mr. republican endosed williams from the start of the mayorial race 2005 by going around the mahoning board election board to the other republicans board election employees telling them to support williams in anyway they can through monies or manpower on his 2005 mayorial bid. so williams is attached to the republican party's bosses no matter what williams says he is today or tommorrow or next month. i do not believe anything that comes out of williams' mouth or his actions. he is for himself and himself alone and no one else.

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Hagan: We were hoodwinked

if the governor, the attorney general and other lawmakers that were in favor of the law that they supported in the last election; they should have looked over it with a fine tooth comb and they could have seen the loopholes in this law. once again lawmakers are upset with this type of payday lending industry because they are still making money legally under the guise of the law they supported in the last election. wake up lawmakers, do your job that your were elected to do: protect the OHIOIANS from unsavory businesses and businessmen/women.

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Witness now denies seeing killing; judge frees suspect suspect set free

bush does what bush knows what to do best, he looks the other way until something really bad happens then he wants to be proactive. bush looked the other way when he was the police chief in ytown concerning the gang activities on the southside of ytown. he made a public comment when asked about crimminal gang activities on the southside; his response there are no crimminal gang activities on the southside at that time the southside had only 65-80 gang members. today the southside has 600-800 gang members; this side of town makes up the majority of JJC clients. if bush was proactive when he was police chief the southside would not be in this dire mess today. bush was a mckelvey appointee and flunkee. williams suggestion to gains' offfice. is this what williams meant by regionalization? by giving one man's flunkee to another useless prosecutor(gains) to create more havoc in ytown.

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Officials: Overhaul of WRTA offices will help economy

I strongly suggest to all the naysayers of the wrta agency attend their monthly board meeting to express your concerns on how they are manageing the monies from the county sales tax-levy. The meeting is every fouth thursday of every month beginning at 3pm. You can request to speak and ask questions concerning your doubts that you have about this agency.

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