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BREAKING NEWS | Janero Mitchell found guilty of aggravated murder

At least he wont be able to kill no one else for awhile, wonder how many other people he murdered

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CCA stymies information on prisoners' 14-hour protest

Their talking about the food and nothing to do....first of all it is not mommas kitchen, if I was in charge, breakfast would be cereal or oatmeal...lunch pbj and fruit or bowl of rice...dinner bowl of rice or pork and beans and hotdogs....If you don't like it don't eat...nobody told you to commit crime to be locked up...why do inmates think they should live better than people on the outside..

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Anti-smoking group proposes raising cigarette tax

I use to smoke and every time they need more tax money they tax cigs well if they need more tax money tax something we all use toilet tissue we all have to wipe our asses at one point

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Citigroup loses $7.8B in fourth quarter

MY mortgage is through citi and my rate went up and I owe more on my house than its worth anymore so who will refinance me now . You refinance with one company they sell to another company then your screwed I refinanced in 2000 my payment was 456.oo now after so many companys my payment is 927.00 i cant afford to live here nomore

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Man faces charges in beating of toddler

This is one time i wish i was a male. I think i would commit a crime just to get locked up with this a--hole, I have a 3 yr old grandchild and cant imagine anything this hideous happening and not do anything about it, whats wrong with single mothers these days, you dont have to let jail birds or abusive men live under your roof respect your children dont bring men home and leave your children with them. I will keep this child and all children in my prayers

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IUE, GM reach deal on pensions pensions

UnionGuy how would you feel if you were hired by gm and the uaw told you you held senority over delphi because delphi no longer belong to gm and a year later your told all those from delphi can come in and over step you my spouse retired from gm and im currently working for gm but im looking at those who just were hired what im saying is i understand about your pension but the workers employed now had the chance to come back years ago they didnt so they should be the ones treated like new hires not traditional workers they should take the paycut and be under the tier-two ppl they came in after tier-two

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IUE, GM reach deal on pensions pensions

true you might have earned that pension but you should get it from delphi not gm. when delphi spun-off from gm that was it now the delphi employees get to come back to gm and bump all the tier-two ppl thats a bunch of bs i am a member of the uaw and the iue workers should not over step tier-two uaw employees.

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