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Fact check: Health insurers’ profits aren’t as fat as others

It is a sin (as well as immoral and unethical) to profit off of sick people. I vote public option!

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What should the federal government do with General Motors?

The union did not get GM or Ford or any other corporation into this mess; how many union workers get the golden parachutes and all the amenities that corporate executives are getting? This should be a loan from the government, not a give away. We all as Americans are going to have to get down to the brass tacks, use some good ole Amerincan know how and help solve this crisis by tightening our belts and using our heads.

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GM troubles produce worry in Valley

When things get tough (which they are) it is easy to blame the UAW, but how about all the pork at the top of the ladder? It is not the bottom of the ladder that is the problem. Everyone deserves to have health care, a decent wage and a vacation. America is on the verge of becoming a third world country where there are only two classes, the very rich or the very poor.

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New Russian plant will build Chevy Cruze

I feel we as american people have been dumbed down; since when have a union been a bad thing? Do you know that Wal-Mart for example can not come into the European countries without offering at least a 2 week paid vacation and benefits. It isn't the unions that are breaking the backs of companies it is the plain and simple greed of these companies! When is the last time an ad-man offered an innovative ad? I remember the "Clara Peller" ad for Wendy's in which she asked "where's the beef?" That ad was creative and the ad-men earned their pay. What do the ad men do theses days; they hire stars and pay them exorbitant amounts of money to pitch their product and give them all perks such as free cars and the like. Wake up America!!! Do you know what it is to work without a union... in a right-to-work state (which is most of the south); they (the company) can tell you I do not like the way you look today you're fired and you have no recourse. However if you wish to resign a position you are required to give the company a two week notice. In a perfect world we would not need unions however we do not live in a perfect world and thusly I prefer a union.

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LOUIE TODAY: Is China ruining America?

Sweden is now busrting at the seams due to taking in Iraqi immigrants related to the US war in Iraq. We are now in debt to China up to our ears due to the war Iraq. Exxon and other oil companies are posting record profits, this is one of the worst presidents ever in the history of the United States. I think that now would be a good time to start using our brains and begin to hold our president accountable for the huge snafu that he has gotten us all into.

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What did Joe Scarborough mean?

He meant that clearly Youngstown has serious racial issues.

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Obama flap is a distraction from nation’s real problems

Mr Wendle,

I couldn't have said it better. God bless you!

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