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Scalzo: I’ll miss the Mahoning Valley

Gonna miss you Joe! Loved your columns! Good luck to you and your beautiful family! I'll be reading the Repository now to keep up with you- looking forward to the day when you'll be writing for the Plain Dealer!!! Vindicator is losing one of their best sports writers!!!

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Mooney may be on the move to southern Mahoning County

Well said ( former demliberal)- agree 100% especially your last paragraph!!

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Boardman parents outraged after doors to commencement close early

Wow- those officers took away from those family members a moment that will never ever be repeated !!! I have the upmost respect for officers of the law but this incident should have never happened- very sad! My heart goes out to those family members and to the graduates!

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Dunn will be next YSU president

Are those trustees on drugs or what??? ISU doesn't hire him so YSU does!!! What does that tell you??? Another hiree to pad his retirement account just as Anderson did. They had two other excellent candidates to choose from and they hire the one that comes with the most baggage!! Will never understand this process!

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Poland zoning board rejects senior housing complex

Of course they didn't approve it- they only want senior citizens with money to live in Poland!

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Youngstown residents distrust school board, survey says

What happened to the previous comments? TRUTH MUST HURT!!!

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Toddler drowning accidental; sitter reported her missing

Adam, stop reading what people are wrting on this site. Your heartbreak is unimaginable- your life is forever changed. Only those who have suffered the loss of a child know what your feeling. Nothing can be said that will change the outcome of this tragic happening- only that it happened and now your little angel is wrapped in God's arms where she is safe and happy. She'll forever be watching over her Mommy and Daddy. Stay strong and stay off this sight. There are people in this world who love it when others have tragic happenings in their lives. These people are not happy people- they know nothing about the meaning of the word sympathy. Our hearts are breaking for you and all who loved this beautiful little angel . Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these very difficult days.

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Akise Teague charged with burglary

This is what happens when we put so much emphasis on athletics and not on Academics! A sad story but also a disgusting one!

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Valley Polish group plans to relocate veterans monument

Why Poland, Ohio???? It needs to stay in Youngstown!

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8 years of friendship — and 1 hard hour

Your article brought back memories of last July when we had to put our beloved Brittany to sleep because of kidney disease. This was our first experience doing this- it was with very heavy hearts that we had to make this decision. We knew it was the best for her but even now we miss her tremendously. Whenever our grandchildren talk about her, our hearts ache even more. Our special friends at South Mill, especially Dr. Cameron and his staff went over and above that day. We will always be grateful to them and to the staff at Angel's Rest in Struthers for helping to make that experience bearable. Our pets bring much to our lives - its when their gone that you realize how much that meant you.

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