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MattMarzula (anonymous) says...

If you're the fugitive, then you are one dumb son of a bitch. No real deal criminal wanted by the Marshals gives themself up like this. Trust me, I did my research. I know my enemy. I make it my job. Go you one better. Give me a time and a place. I'll drag your ass into the US Marshals myself. Do you read? I do. I know enough about the law and constitution that I know how much force, aka ass whooping, I can put on you and still take you in for money without repercussions. The real Tommy Cappitti has Irish blood and true Irish men do not deny that. Am I smart? Bet your ass son. Steal my girl? Every last one I ever had, you could keep. That's why I left them. Drugs? I read the police blotters. I know your family and can profile their kind. I know the real Cappitti did time in county from mid Nov 2008 to mid Dec 2008. To me, that is 30 days jail minus time served. You know who gets those charges? Pussies. Check fraud and crap like that. This guy is a pussy. So are you. I've killed better man then you in war for God and Country. Find out who I am. War hero defenders of freedom employed by this government have certain liberties. I happen to know which ones to exercise to put little bitches away for money plus 10% of seized assets. Believe that.

March 17, 2011 at 12:06 a.m. reply suggest removal