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Hold owners to account, not an entire breed of dogs

Forpitssake web site (cited by K9) is run by a woman convicted of embezzlement and with a lengthy history of issues that are public record.

Cindy, these are the people you are helping!

(and national canine research council is run by a vet tech with no professional experience with faulty cooked up "stats." It's not a group, it's not an organization. It's just some person who came up with a name designed to suggest authority. Authority it has none. It is a group whose "statistics" have been debunked on many occasions, and that has used propaganda from pit bull breeders. Who got a book published by a vanity publisher that publishes comic books. That is the problem- anyone can claim they are an expert and present whatever statistics they care to make up, no matter how flawed or empty. And also fail to reveal their biases and hidden agendas)

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Hold owners to account, not an entire breed of dogs

And lawdogsusa was shut down because the dogs were too aggressive to handle the training.

(And as for "butcher's assistants?" THAT IS A COMPLETE FABRICATION, just as the "nanny dogs" fabrication is. Never happened.

But the breeders figure if they can get naive people to swallow this stuff, they can fend off regulation.

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Hold owners to account, not an entire breed of dogs

It is very sad to see Cindy writing a letter that is filled with propaganda and falsehood about pit bulls that was produced by PIT BULL BREEDERS AND DOG FIGHTERS so they could keep breeding, torturing, and making money from these dogs without regulation.

Cindy, you are just helping the pit bull abusers abuse more by spreading their lies.

As you can see, some of them are here with many of their pit bull breeder propaganda websites helping you out.

PIt bulls are number one on the list for killing and mauling people and other pets, and the pit bull breeders don't care.

All they care about is breeding more and hurting more pit bulls, and they get people like you to help them oppose regulation and spread their propaganda.

Maybe someday you will have sympathy both for pit bulls and the children and adults that have paid the price in attacks.

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Bill revisits pit bull issue

Shawn Webster represents FOR PROFIT BREEDERS. The money lobby. People who make money breeding and selling pit bulls. Yes, that includes dog fighters.

This is a big money business, and these lobbies have fastened on to Shawn Webster to do their bidding and represent their interests.

It doesn't matter if he is a "veterinarian" or not. Meaningless. Veterinarians also work for puppy mills and dog fighters. It doesn't mean they have any special insight.

But he at least should admit what constituency he represents.

These are not people who care about public safety OR the dogs. These are people who care about the MONEY.

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