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Earl Douthitt killed while raking leaves, neighbors mourn

For real stan? So because I said HIPPA it takes away from what she stated about a person in that situation? I do know what it is and have worked in a recovery clinic and doctors office for 10 years. My comment was just meant to remind people like her that it is not appropriate or legal to share that information. She could lose her job.

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Earl Douthitt killed while raking leaves, neighbors mourn

Turaysia - ever heard of HIPPA???

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Biden, Ryan deliver fiery debate on Libya, jobs, abortion

hmm....William I guess they have no response when you are able to show proof of all you are saying.

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Consulting firm recommends major overhaul of Youngstown government operations

Hmmm... and we paid how much to have them say what everyone already knows?

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Boston terrier puppies stolen from cancer patient's home; reward offered

Since Vindy always seems way behind...this is from WKBN

Puppies stolen from a home in Lawrence County have been returned.

Two Boston terrier puppies were taken from the Mahoning Township home of Irene Matas Wednesday morning. Along with the dogs, the burglars took her T.V. And digital camera.

Matas said she received several tips on the dogs' whereabouts after media coverage of the story. Because of that information, police were able to track the dogs down Friday night to two separate locations near New Castle.

According to Matas, a woman called and told her that someone had tried to sell her a puppy and she thought it might be one of the terriers that was taken. Matas alerted police, which led them to a home south of New Castle. One dog was recovered there, while the other was found at a home in Neshannock Township.

"I'm so thrilled to have them back. They are so happy to be back, and they are just playing with each other and are just so happy," said Matas. "Without the help of the public, these dogs would not be home right now."

No word yet if any arrests have been made in connection to the stolen dogs.

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Bill would restore full pensions to Delphi retirees

I am happy to hear that this may actually happen, but will wait until it does to celebrate. If the government wasn't involved in picking up the pensions for the chosen and not others, it wouldn't be something to back. I have no dog in this fight, just see it as, if we the taxpayers are helping part of the people it should be across the board. At the very least, we should have had a say so in all of it.

Such a shame that many were hurt in their retirement years this way. I'm sure that one person they mention loosing a home isn't the only one.

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Mabel, bulldog stolen in Youngstown, found in Columbus

Rocco, I have to agree that something is strange about the woman buying a dog for $500 at a store. I donated to the reward money and don't think it's the owners that are fishy, but could be fishy about the person getting reward money. The other part I was wondering about was that she is giving $1,000 to the woman who found Mable, but I read long ago that the reward fund was up to $3,500. Where is the rest of the money going?

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Should a special prosecutor be hired to investigate the events surrounding Robert Lyden’s resignation as Mahoning County sanitary engineer?

I agree with those above. If you can't be objective on investigating someone in or out of politics, then get someone in here who can.....then step down and let them continue doing the job you can't do.

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How is the Canfield Fair the biggest in the state?

My main beef with this article is the fact that again, Vindy feels the need to downgrade and insult something that is good for the valley. The reason for this just escapes me! I honestly believe that a paper (the paper) in our valley would promote the positive things. hmm guess I'm missing the boat!

HellaBB....Are we all supposed to conform to your likes/dislikes in order to have you attend?? I don't even go anymore because my children are grown. But when I did, every year, it was enjoyable to show them the animals, games, rides etc. and see them enjoy it all.

If you want no traffic, no crowds, no greasy food, please feel free to go sit at Denny's or stay home. You obviously miss the point of a fair!

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