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Mill Creek surprises employees with dismissals


I completely agree. Ray is the naturalist's naturalist. Ray has transformed everyone with whom he has shared his vast knowledge and enthusiasm. It is ignorant and irresponsible to end a tradition of such quality, one that began with Rogers, continued with Bill Whitehouse, and now ends with Ray Novotny.

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Mill Creek surprises employees with dismissals

Kaiser, Nelis, Novotny...three white middle-aged, successful, knowledgeable men who have worked many years to make the Park the amazing place it is today. Age discrimination? Devaluing a tradition of excellence? I did not vote for this when I supported the levy.

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So, You're Outraged About Cecil ?

See Gary Francione's site:

Go Vegan. It's the only way, unless you're morally weak.

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Dogs are not disposable-they are life long commitments

Yes, superb. It is my sentiment too that all animals deserve and must receive proper care throughout their entire lives. Tomorrow, I celebrate with my family a very special member of that family, our feline companion Moses, who will turn 17 years-old.

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Animal Charity hires agent, restores services

Who gives authority to Animal Charity, permitting them to hire a humane agent and conduct those duties? It's time for the local County judges, the County prosecuting attorney, and everyone else involved at the Youngstown city-level to answer this question. If they cannot or won't, then it is time to file complaints with the authorities in Columbus: The Ohio Supreme Court ethics office and the Ohio Ethics Commission come to mind. And as for the veterinarians at Animal Charity, it is time to audit them as well. Complaints should be filed with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Board. This is all long overdue. The recent Cat Ladies fiasco will not be the last. Shame on all of us and our community.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

I agree with 1970mach1. Let's get to the truth, and do so with recrimination. Because after all of the fingerpointing is finished, no doubt there will be plenty of blame to go around.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

1970mach1, you seem to imply that I'm an unwavering ally of Cat Ladies Society (or an enemy of Animal Charity). Neither is the case. My only concern is how the animals are treated by humans, how they are treated by us. If a thorough, fair, and comprehensive investigation of every organization involved in this ordeal reveals problems with the Cat Ladies Society, then so be it. I'm on no one's side, except the animals primarily, and those people who are trying to help them.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

Yes, it's all very interesting, blah, blah, blah. And it's all very sad.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

1970mach1, you see, that's precisely the point. Kimm was not violating her code of ethics. Quite the contrary, she was upholding them. She was curing sick kittens and cats so that they may have a chance at a better be adopted into a loving human home. Animal Charity, however, most likely killed many kittens and cats unnecessarily, in violation of their ethics. If Animal Charity didn't have the means to treat the animals, they should have enlisted the assistance of other agencies for aid. But, like so many places, even some local shelters, they just killed them. There are many shelters around the country that routinely kill even healthy animals because of a lack of available homes. This is true, but it doesn't make it the right thing to do. It's still wrong. That's why so many organizations are looking for ways to control the overpopulation problem through public education and intensive spay-neuter programs. What Animal Charity vets did was wrong because most of the cats and kittens deserved care, whether they were able to provide it or not. They made the wrong medical decisions, and I would be happy to see the details of those decisions and how they smell after being brought out into the light of day. And simply killing them because of a lack of facility is wrong too. That's what Kimm understood. That's what her shelter is all about. Save the ones you can, find homes for them, and work to improve public understanding. Yours included.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

For those who wish to show their support and can attend, Cat Ladies Society will be at Petco in Boardman at 3pm. See the text of the article above that started this long string of pearls.

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