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Obama will be a tough sell in Ohio

Please site a credible source where Palin states that the Iraqi war is "God's Will." does not count BTW.

Also, it's silly to state that Obama is a Muslim. That's just trolling. Ignore it.

Honestly, haven't we moved beyond religiously based attacks?

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Obama will be a tough sell in Ohio

@ ytownoptimist:

I'll give you that Scalia is a dyed in the wool conservative. However, He, Thomas and Roberts are above anything, strict constitutionalists. They aren't activist judges that read things into the constitution that aren't there.

As far as picketing Planned Parenthood: how can you argue a citizens right to protest? Just as anyone is allowed to protest a given church, business or organization. Even the NRA and anyone that enjoys the freedom we have in this county should support that right.

Saying that "Believe it or not, not all Americans believe in creationism but do believe in science." smacks of elitism and assumes that all conservatives dismiss evolution. There are differing factions within both parties.

I raise this question: If the democrates don't win now when can they? Bush has made some terrible mistakes and given the left an open door. Can they stumble through it?

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Sick-leave measure off ballot in Ohio

So Ohio should be harder for businesses to turn a profit in than other states? That's smart. No wonder the southern states are booming...

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Obama will be a tough sell in Ohio

@ ytownoptimist: I know it's hard for some to believe, but abortion rights isn't the most important issue for all women. It's important to the majority of woman, but I don't think many live in fear that the law as it exists will change much.

Some democratic leaning women will move to McCain's side partially because of Palin and partially because McCain isn't a party line Republican.

To believe this move won't help him and that (unfortunately) racism won't play a part in this election is to live in denial.

My prediction is that McCain wins by about 3% nationwide and a slim electoral margin...

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A New Face, A New Race

@ ytownoptimist: I'll disagree with you on the Hillary points. I think Hillary is every bit as abrasive as Palin, probably more so. At this point we don't have much to compare. The more you disagree the more abrasive it seems.

If you really think about it and are honest, more voting women have a lot more in common with Palin than with Hillary. Palin actually was and is involved with her children and their activities. Her husband has worked a regular job. She's stuck it out in a small town and been a member of the PTA. That's an interesting story even if you don't agree with many of her views.

The main difference between Palin and North Eastern liberals is that she's practical and down to earth.

The lecture tone was aimed at the democratic operatives that worked so hard up until the speech to question everything about Palin and her family behind the scenes. Politics is a dirty business. For every Rove there is a Carville or Stephanopoulos.

As a side, for all of the whining liberals do about Fox News at least they didn't make him their Chief Washington Correspondent.

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A New Face, A New Race

Wow, I thought this thread would be hopping. I would say Sarah Palin did pretty well. I don't think it was necessarily the home run all of the pundits are saying that it was but she was better Biden IMHO.

The speech was well written and snarky. I think she had the right to deliver this kind of speech once. However, she's going to have to come up with more and do it without a speech writer in the debates.

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A New Face, A New Race

@ ytownoptimist: Those issues are silly, really. The same thing could be said of Barack. His children are 7 and 9 and Michelle isn't exactly a run of the mill stay at home mom.

Who cares. To say Palin can't handle the job because of family obligations sets the womans movement back 40 years. Disagree on the merits of the candidates and level of experience (or lack there of.)

Would you ask the same questions of a man? It's mainly liberal blogs that are making this an issue. Funny thing is that they'll alienate the moderate voters that Palin is likely to attract. A voting block that has no issue with a teen getting herself in trouble (and acceptability for her actions) and a woman, who somehow, has manged to amass more experience than Obama with plate that's more full at home.

Hilary isn't really that experienced but IMHO she schooled Obama in the democratic debates and exposed his naivety. She would have been the far stronger candidate.

At the end of the day Palin is more interesting than the other three candidates combined. I think she'll campaign and perform better than expected in the debates and has an excellent chance of helping McCain win a close election in November.

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A New Face, A New Race

@ ytownoptimist, you may be right but I don't think so. I think if the dems make Palin's teen daughter an issue this will only make her a sympathetic and "real" human character.

I don't think anyone is a supporter of teen pregnancy. However, the conservative base, which is most likely to be offended by such a revelation will be easily turned by being reminded that she chose to keep the baby.

I do think it's interesting that Obama has chosen to make the claim that he is more qualified to be president than Palin because he's running a large campaign. That's a good one.

BTW, are you saying that women can't deal with real world issues at home and be an effective leader in the office? Can men?

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A New Face, A New Race

@ Tyler, For being a true Obama believer I think you handled this pretty well. You made the anti-Palin points that you have to make but you're not grasping at straws like so many of the leftest blogs are.

However, it's very clear that this pick is not taking the experience issue off of the table as the DNC would have us believe. It's tarnishing the "Change" theme more than anything, even though Palin represents no more real change than Barack, which in reality is very little.

@JeffLebowski that is not a list of accomplishments. Committees and sub-committees CAN wheeled much power but a junior senator has little impact on the legislative agenda of the Senate. This "inexperienced" pick by McCain is making the dems a bit uneasy. In an ordinary election Palin's relative inexperience would make great fodder. However, her resume stacks up very well against Obama's. Obama has never run anything but Palin has, no matter how small. (Please correct this statement if I'm wrong.)

Does McCain think he's going to pick up a slew of disenfranchised Hilary supporters? Of course not. He doesn't need to. He just needs to pick up a few percentage points and this will help him attract more women, like it or not.

She's added some sizzle to the race. People are excited about her and you'll have to admit that no one has ever been excited about Joe Biden, anywhere.

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