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Bishop blasts bill Ryan backs on pregnancy

They have several taped calls recently where Planned Parenthood accepted donations directed toward to aborting black children.

Even some of Hitlers men came over to the States prior to WWII to talk with Sanger. They got their ideas of a super race from her. It is easy to prove that Sanger was in favor of only certain races and classes of people being permitted to have children.

Why are the majority of abortions black children, when they make up only 12% of the US Population? There are ONE THIRD less black people alive because of abortion. Why???

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Bishop blasts bill Ryan backs on pregnancy

God bless Bishop Murray for speaking out forcefully on this issue. We need to hear more of this.

Planned Parenthood should not be getting millions of dollars to give out drugs that cause breast cancer and that do not always prevent anything. And then they turn around and charge you to murder your unborn child when the pill fails.

Planned Parenthood is also racist. It accepts money to target black babies for abortion. Their founder, Margret Sanger was a racist who said certain people should not be permitted to have children. Most abortions are black babies. Why??

Tim Ryan wants to give our tax money to a racist organization.

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