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swinfluoverthecukosnest (anonymous) says...

I currently reside in another larger city in OH. Youngstown water tastes much better than my current water. You need to try other areas before you make that decision.

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swinfluoverthecukosnest (anonymous) says...

This is just an awful story. I was so angry when I read this I started crying. To treat these men like this after all their years of service to keep the park the beauty that it is is disgraceful. I am sure that if people knew this was going to happen they would not have voted for the levy. The Vindicator has a history of telling us what is wrong with a person or entity but then saying "but you should overlook this and vote for the person or levy anyway". I have noticed this for years.
This Executive director should have excused himself. I am for the directors/board etc. being elected. If they are going to have control of such a large amount of taxpayer money they need to be accountable to the people they are asking for money from.
After the killing of the geese, the closing of the park lakes, and other issues there need to be an inquiry and people need to demand answers.
My sympathies to the men that lost their positions. I hope you can fight this legally. Looks like age discrimination for starters. I don't believe for a minute that these positions are eliminated. All of the positions are supervisory. You are always going to need supervisors

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