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Youngstown homeowner shoots suspected burglar

Livining just enough for the city! Better him than her congratulations! Next

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Boy, 2, shot in face at home, critical

Victims are getting younger; I agree, we need more guns, lets stand by the NRA!

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Apprehending hit-skip drivers is imperative, bereaved mother says

Please pray for the young victims in such a violent crime. Everybody just pray for the families, mother & fiance. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.

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5 hurt in hit-and-run

What an idiot?! got away with it once then you turn around and do it again? wont take long to capture this fool! no respect for people honoring someone count this one down.

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Teen performer at inaugural events fatally shot

Bright lights seemed to get dimmed with people who have no regard for humanity. a school boy was stomped to death in chicago by others who didnt go school while he walked home from eight hours of school. I want to ask WHY TOO?

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South Side man sues city and five police officers, alleging excessive force

YoungstownBornRaised uh what planet are you from? when OFFICERS are in training they are not told to look for little things and make traffic stops. otherwise there would be no need for police a neighboorhood watch can do that! lazy officers who are punks and scared of a real encounter look for a dog on a leash in a drug/gun infested city. a crime happens in the police face and they decided they're a patrol officer, they then need a desk position! LMAO fool!!

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South Side man sues city and five police officers, alleging excessive force

SMDH! obviously, officers responding to something so frivilous as this when the homicide rate is through the roof is unbelievable! no drugs, no weapons, just a victim in your own damn neighborhood! I guess the officer didn't want to put real work in because he damn sure rolled by several drug houses and dealers and opted for the law abiding elder citizen riding his bike/walking his dog at 9:00am... where's the love?

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Which candidate will get your vote for president?

The poll results are alarming! Reflection must have come from hard core Republicans from the hood! LOL

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Youngsgtown boy, 4, hurt when gun discharges

glad shorty alright

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