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Occupy Youngstown to target Wall Street and state Issue 2

i checked out johnnyghost's youtube clip of the occupy youngstown bunch. where the hell are the black people. those folks were from everywhere but youngstown. all i saw was a bunch of white men. i think i saw one female, but on the youtube video, no black people. what couldn't find any in 65 percent black youngstown. or didn't they want to be involved. didn't see any on the news pieces either. what is with that?

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Sheriff’s race heating up

i don't like that hughes much, but i like the vindicator trying to twist things around even more. how many times are they going t5o go on about this guy's pension and his ira fund. that money they keep talking about is from an investment fund. even the vindicator admits that other cops made as much or more from their investments but they really hate on that hughs. what, do they hate that an average black guy was able to make so much through investing. why don't they mention the name of the other cops who made more than huhges. the one guy i know is now working for the city courts, doubledipper.... not a word from the spin machine. isn't wellington a retired cop too, yes. collecting a pension and getting paid as sheriff. the vindy talk about him as a Dipper, no. how much was wellingtons severance check. it's a matter of record if the paper wants to talk about such things. then they move on to jim lowendosky, said he's a doubledipper if he becomes sheriff. why oh why didn't they go on and on about wellington. then on to hughs and the police budget. how much was spent to have city cops at the pool every day all day. i from sound sources that it was nearly 30thou a month, cuz they had 4 cops every day the hole day. and the cops got top pay. the cops didn't go to the pool im sure, it was the pool that wanted the cops. then the pools close just before school starts and the new guy foly gets to be cheif with a 30k savings. the pools closed-money save, a miracle. no end of summer. lots of pats on the back for saving money, but what about all the dead. 6 weeks, 6 dead, but money was safed. hughs left with 11 killings in 9 months, new guy, 6 in as many weeks. if he gets the pat on the back, he also owns the bad too. sorry, pgurny, hahahaha 6 is not funny. that hughs need a spokesperson, he mumbles, but the crime was down. i won't vote for the vindy fav. either either lowendowsky or hughs.

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