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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

What is the purpose of having an SPCA or animal Control/Charity if they cannot rescue/save animals in grave danger? Obvoiusly these dogs needed help immmediately, not in 24 hours or a week. To then add insult to injury the dogs are rescued? only to be put down and the person responsible basically walks away saying I am Sorry? Why have rules and not enforce them? Do only people like Michael Vick who are celebrities get punished?
This is so unfair to the people who owned the dogs and to the dogs who were abused. Starved caged dogs who have know love and affection can be rescued and rehabilited with a little time. Dogs are some of the most forgiving creatures on earth.
Steve Croley should be punished for what he has done. At the very least he could have called the owners and had them pick up their animals. If all he gets it the proverbial slap on the hand what is to prevent him from doing it again?
What is going to keep him from starving his own animals if he runs short of money? If the law in Ohio is such this is not concidered a henious crime and going to jail is not a determent then Steve Croley should not be allowed to own/train or associate with any animals as he is not a resposible enough human.

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