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Cops raid 8 massage parlors in Warren

I agree with HellaBB - of all the MAJOR problems we live with, this is where the money and focus goes? WOW!! I live on a street with 4 crack houses, and no one does anything about them. The thefts, robberies, drugs, lack of anywhere to go or do anything, lack of jobs.... Close down these places and the bars and there'll be nothing left in Warren..... Seriously! Focus on a REAL problem!!!

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Area companies donate labor, machinery to replace unsafe bridge

It's so nice to read a story like this. It would be a different world if everyone saw others' problems and stepped up to help in their own way. Kudos to the companies who helped make this a reality.

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Coca-Cola flea market Sunday in Cortland

Yeah - I agree, 1970mach1. Some details would be nice...

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No, no, Jimbo?

For me, Traficant was a breath of fresh air in the stuffy, "same old same old" arena of local politics. He took interest in something I was dealing with and helped me - no one else in Congress or govt did. I respect and honor him for the good things he has done for regular people. He didn't just pander to the lobbyists or focus on greasing the hands of those who have power and prestige. He cared about the little people, too. Keep the night.

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Churches fight to cast out slots plan

I am so sick and tired of the churches trying to dictate what people, groups, organizations, and even government can and cannot do. According to The Almighty Church, they alone have the knowledge of what God wants or doesn't want, then they try to force everyone to go along with what they believe. Have they forgotten that the greatest gift God gave man was free will and the ability to make choices? America is becoming one tiny step away from the Muslim world, where the religious "scholars" and their moral police ban everything, in fear that there may be some who misuse whatever it is - whether it's alcohol, truth in the press, questionable pictures, books, and on and on. Is this the kind of America you want to live in - where certain Christians determine what you can see, do or where you can go? If you don't like casinos - don't go! Don't push your beliefs of "right" and "wrong" on everyone else. Jesus didn't, and neither does God.

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