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Police probe drug OD involving Austintown woman

Compass West is nothing more than a whore house and drug den. White trash and degenerates from the southside are holed up over there. Low income, single unwed mothers, druggies, etc....the scum of the earth hibernate there. More than one family living in those apts. Poor Austintown inhereting all the low lifes from youngstown. Used to be a nice place to live but not anymore.

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A Campbell man is murdered in what appears to be a drug deal gone bad

I agree with captainpeewee--no great loss.

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Police investigating shots fired at North Side car

Drug deal gone bad?

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Meeting today discussed future of Youngstown West Side library branch

If this happens, then there goes the Ice Skating Rink. And what happens to the old West Side Library building? Another vacant building on the West Side? This place is starting to look like other sides of Youngstown! Renovate the West Side Library and open up the ice skating rink.

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Don’t feel sorry for Belinky for leaving probate judgeship

Good riddance---little weasel!!

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A Youngstown business official says ‘the biggest complaint I hear is how filthy downtown is’

Get the county jail prisoners to clean up downtown Youngstown. Let the YSU students study.

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Medical crews called to GM plant

"Police reports said she was driving at a high speed. Roberts told police she had no driver’s license and was only driving 65 mph, reports said." ONLY driving 65 mph! "....has nine open suspensions on her license and a total of 25 overall." She was cited and released and you're letting her off the hook again??? The YPD must have their heads up their butts. Throw her in jail!!!

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Earlier exit for Dunn mulled

Good riddance. The sooner the better!

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Man gets 30 days for OVI

Have him do some community service work also your honor.

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Drug screening expanded to Austintown school employees

Does the school district also drug test all current school employees including the teachers, administrators, maintenance, custodians, bus drivers, kitchen workers, etc?

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