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Struthers installs four-way stop, receives mixed reactions

I think they should take down the red light that has now turned into a caution light at 5th St. and Manor Ave. and use it in place of the stop signs. It would be much more effective!! There is NO need for a caution light at that intersection.

June 25, 2013 at 10:24 a.m. suggest removal

Struthers council overrides mayor's veto of honoring Jasinski

The resolution is for someone owning the SAME business for more than 30 years. How many other business are in Struthers that have the original owners for more than 30 years?? Only a handful...Ok so there have been a few issues with Charlie...has he taken care of them?? YES!! Get over it and let the man continue doing buisness!! And yes there are other areas that need addressed and they are not just businesses, there are residential areas that need cleaned up also...but the issue here is a lets go after ALL OF THEM not just Charlie!! I agree totally with Yashure!!!

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Struthers mayor, council clash over resolution honoring businessman

I think the Mayor needs to take a look at the entire city! If he think Charile's look like a junk yard he must not have driven around the city much lately. I know of a so called car lot where the cars are real junk! Smashed roofs, busted windows, and I can't imagine many of them even starting. Lets face it...we all know Charlie's is not the reason for the plaza having empty store fronts!! And yes it is a car repair business...there will be vehicles sitting in the lot...unless you have just moved into the city you would of known Charlies has been there's not like he just opened for business...... maybe the city should of allowed him to put up the fence when he tried to a long time ago.Sounds like this is a personal thing with the mayor!!

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