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Jury finds Dellick not guilty

This kid is a psycho in the making. We haven't heard the last from this guy.

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One response to Sandy Hook tragedy is ammo shortages

And the gun industry is laughing at these morons all the way to the bank! What a bunch of sheep!

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Firefighter faces OVI, gun charges

He's a fire fighter and he shows this much lack of intelligence and common sense? Time for a reality check here.

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Group forms in Ohio to push tax increases for rich

Stop calling them entitlements! I paid in for 40 yrs.! Hey common citizen, hell yeah unemployment was lower! Your buddy Bush sent hundreds of thousands of people to two war zones! You genius!

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Romney ads draw fire from automakers

This moron Romney will say anything for a vote, all he know''s how to do is lie! Sueful, you want to talk lies? how about the lies that were told about w.m.d.'s in Iraq that cost over thousands of American lives! Oh , your ok as long as they are republican lies. This guy lies so much even he can't keep up with himself ! He has nothing else to run on. Won't tell anyone anything about any kind of plan ! You go ahead and vote for this crooked used car dealer. Anyone with common sense knows better.

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The Big Bird-Delphi connection

He structured the bankruptcy because if not, they would have gone into bankruptcy like the republicans wanted. Private entities would have bought them up, got rid of the pensions, got rid of the workers,sold the business off in pieces. No more G.M. , no more union, including delphi workers. No more valley, over 2million jobs gone. Just what the foreign car lobbyists paid the republican senators and congressmen for. Then they would be in control to lower workers wages to 9 bucks an hour. Not to mention the country going into a depression not a recession! You self proclaimed genius.

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15 state AGs, some military join Ohio AG in appeal of early voting ruling

Husted has got to Go! With a good kick in the A$$ on his way out!

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Paul Ryan to conduct town hall at YSU

Is Gilligan not bringing Thurston Howel Romney with him? Hope a pigeon dumps on him.

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Poland residents grill officials about proposed levy

This just shows how arrogant these idiots are. None of the cuts are ever going to be reinstated with passage of the levy. They refuse to impose any cuts in administration or staff! They still don't get it! I'm on fixed income, tightened my belt as far as I can and I'm supposed to just pull an extra $180. more a year out of my butt! I want to see some legitimate cuts! Not just the ones designed to punish parents! I'm definitely voting NO!

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