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Judge tells Struthers man he can beat addiction

I totally agree with taxme.
I've said for years if there is any such thing as a gateway drug it's alcohol.

Alcohol has caused more deaths,destruction of families ect than all the other addictive drugs combined.

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Warren couple buys side lot to keep area neat

Good for Mr and Mrs.Stec.
These are the kind of people who really care about the city and their neighborhood.

Now maybe the cops will sweep the street and run those nasty skank street crawlers out of the neighborhood.

If Warren has any hope of making a comeback it will be people like the Stecs who lead the way.
Good luck to them in their efforts to make their neighborhood a better place.

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Recruitment of women, minorities lags in Warren

Yeah right because God knows afirmative action has never benifitted a miniorty over a "white guy from the burbs

There's a reason the physical agility test is so hard .
The danger of fighting a fire and having to rescue anyone trapped in a burning building is the great equalizer here.

Physical strength is the issue and men by their physical make up are by nature stronger than women.
And that's not designed by "white guys from the burbs"
If you take issue with that you'll have to take it up with your maker.

And I do not favor creating a bogus posistion in the fire dept.just to create an unnecessary job for the purpose of hireing anybody regardless of sex or race.

Should a posistion where superior mental strength is necessary and a female out preforms her male counter parts then by all means give her the job!!
She deserves it and has proven herself more capable over the competition.

The issue here is about who is best qualified for the job period!

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Man, 21, charged with animal cruelty in deaths of kittens

I'm not interested in hearing why he did such a cruel and evil act.
I don't give a rats ass about his difficult childhood or why he was off his medication and what imaginary boogeyman made him do this .

This kind of worthless subhuman trash always has a B.S. excuse or a story why he wasn't responsible for his actions.
Stand this filthy pile of garbage against a wall and put one right between his eyes.

Before he does something terrible to a child

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Boardman parents outraged after doors to commencement close early

What the hell has happened to common sense and decency ?
Why couldn't one of those officers haved checked the parents' i.d. an escorted them inside to see their kids graduate ?

This our way or no way or go directly to jail for questioning us policy is the reason people fear the cops,don't trust the cops and usually won't co-operate or help the cops.

The only time the cops are civil and decent to the average citizen is when they need a levy passed.
The rest of the time they're policy is 'us against them"

There was no reason these folks shouldn't have be able to see their children graduate.
They missed a once in a lifetime event and there's nothing right about that.

While I understand security measures are necessary these days the police can still use common sense and be civil to the people who pay them.

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Native American veterans push to get recognition

I agree 100% islandgrump !!!
We owe a debt of respect and gratitude to all our vets past and present and that includes the many brave Native Americans who served to protect this nation and free others across the world.

The U.S.Govt.has cheated and broken every agreement they have made with the Native Americans and if anyone in this country is owed a damn thing it's them.

A memorial to their courage and sacrifice certainly isn't asking for or expecting to much and it would be an honor to donate to this most worthy and long over due project.

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Mahoning engineer defends his hiring of felon

Tradition is alive and well in the good old Mahoning Valley.

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Canfield girl, 11, falsely accused of rape, suit says

Fire the whole sorry bunch !!
I recall hearing about this and I remember being very dismayed that an 11 year kid had been charged with rape.

Thank God there was never a rape !!
But it sure begs the question ....."What the hell is wrong with the so called adults and alleged professional ???


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Warren woman holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until cops arrive

I have to say I'm surprised that the Obama loving socialist media would print a story about how having a gun and being armed most likely saved a woman and her kids from serious harm or much worse.

I do however question why in the world this woman opened her door to anyone at 4am.
Glad her kids weren't hurt and you can thank having a gun for that.

Every law abiding citizen should be armed and prepared to defend themselves,their families and property from the scum of society.

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Police, Lakeview school officials investigate Facebook page

I have no idea what was said in this alleged threat but I guess we have to weigh every word we say especially on social media.

Just amazing how thin skinned and sensitive people have become.
But on the other had people have also become rude,petty and just plain mean and think nothing of insulting or harassing anyone when they believe they can hide behind the computer.

You'de think so called adults would know better but apparently not.
Just sad what to many people have become.

And we wonder what's wrong with the kids today ??!!

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