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Dad charged with assaulting infant son in Struthers

Just another gutless child abuseing coward who should be hung.

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Victim's mom: Justice would be same for heroin dealer's kids

Please folks don't be to hard on this mother.
She's deep in the grieving process and speaking with the emotions of a parent who's trying to cope with the loss of her child.

As a parent who lost a son to a drug overdose I can tell you that's it's totally devastating and turns your world, emotions and thought process upside down for a long time.

My wife and I both preached the dangers and the evil of drugs to both our children.
One listened but the other didn't.
At age 25 as our son was no parent can patrol what their children do 24/7 nor do they have a legal right to do so.

I truly don't believe this grieving,hurting mother wishes the death on the dope dealers children.
but I do agree with her that 'Justice wasn't found in that court room"

This man with his long criminal history should have been behind bars and not free to be out selling his poison on the streets.
And yes you can argue that if the young lady didn't buy the dope that killed her from him she would have bought it from another dealer and that's exactly why a harsh message needs to be sent to all drug dealers with long very uncomfortable prison sentences.

I strongly favor the work farm system and earned recreaction time.
Prison shouldn't be old home week or a social club.
And we don't need to spend billions building new prisons when we can recommission old navy ships,put them out at sea and make the inmates responsible for the care and upkeep of their home.

Those ships were the living quarters for many brave men and women who served our country with honor.
Those ships housed a few thousand people at a time.
If those ships were good enough for them to live on they're certainly good enough for those who break the law and contribute nothing to society.

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People remember heydey of falling Paramount Theatre

It's sad this historic old building couldn't have been saved but once it has deteriorated beyond a certain point it's to costly and unsafe to attempt to salvage.

I just hope the Robbins Theater in Warren doesn't suffer the same fate.
These great old buildings had their own unique style unlike the cookie cutter approach to modern construction.

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Soldier’s mom recruits volunteers for care-package effort

What an excellent idea and a most worthwhile project
I'll be glad to help out and I'm sure many more folks from around the Valley will too

We may not have as much wealth and prosperity in the Mahoning Valley as other parts of the state and the nation but we have something just as valuable.
In fact when I think about it we have something in abundance here that's priceless.

There's no shortage of good,solid stand up people in these parts.
Think about it,there's always some sort of a drive,a special dinner or special activity or a benefit to help a local person or even a family in need.

Regardless of how each particular need arises weather it's a serious illness one of our neighbors' is battling or a natural disaster,perhaps the loss of a familie's home because of fire ect.

When the call goes out for help the people of this Valley answer it.
The Relay For Life is a perfect example
In our depressed local economy we still manage to contribute more for the cause than many afflluent communities.
That in itself speaks volumes as to who we are and what we're about !

And on this 4th of July what could be more fitting and more American than being a volunteer to help our brave troops which in turn helps this great nation.

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Commander demoted, major suspended in Sciortino DUI matter

"Failed miserably”
"Slurred to mush mouth speech"
"Fumbled for his drivers license
Fell asleep after getting food at a near by drive in.
Medical that what they call a xanax bender these days ?

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Fears about suspected marijuana plant in Boardman go up in smoke

I have a 4-year-old daughter,” the outraged Poptelariter said. “I don’t want my daughters growing up to see marijuana

Go change your panties jackass.
If a little pot is the worst thing your kid ever sees you'll be very fortunate

This guy sounds like a trouble making creep.
You can bet he's the neighborhood freak!

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Teddy's killer gets max; judge says no punishment enough

Shame on the so called adults and those who knew this poor child was being beaten,abused and torchered.
The police,the CSB workers and teachers who saw the condition this boy was in.

Keep in mind Teddy was removed from public school because questions were being asked about his condition.
That's proof enough his abuse was known by school officials.

It's tough to hear the lame excuse from the CSB worker telling us they went to Teddy's home to investigate but Bush wouldn't answer the door or allow them in.

We all know things go on behind the scenes that the public generally never hears about.
We can hope that judges know prison wardens and arrangments can be quietly made for trash like Bush to recieve some extra attention behind bars or in isolated corners of the prison.

If there's any justice for Teddy and I pray that there is Bush will hear for many years "Tonight you're mine" from big ugly Bubba and friends.

This worthless coward only admitted his guilt to keep the death penatly off the table.
He's not sorry for what he did to Teddy and he's not capable of remorse.
He doesn't deserve mercy in any measure.

He deserves exactly the same mercy he gave Teddy and his brothers.

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Man accused of mowing down geese in Boardman pleads not guilty

No there's no shortage of geese but if this was a deliberate act then it's an act of cruelty.
If this person did in fact do this on purpose then he's capable of doing the same to other animals like someones pet dog or cat that gets lose and wanders onto the road.

If it was done to avoid hitting another motorist or causing an accident then there's no crime and pardon the pun no foul.
Before we condem the man his guilt must be proven.

I'd like to believe that it was an accident and only happened to avoid causing a more serious crash.
A person would have to be mighty vile,evil and cruel to kill a mother goose and her babies on purpose.
Someone you certainly wouldn't want anywhere near children !

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Teddy's torturer admits his guilt

Iam so outraged I can barely contain myself.
Miss prosecuter by your own words you know what was done to that poor boy.
Why on earth are you not seeking the death penalty ?
Teddy was beaten,abused and torchered in the most foul way almost every day of his tragic life.

What right does his subhuman murderer have to ever draw another breath of air as a free man ?
And I want to know how every adult who knew that boy was being so severely humiliated and abused can look at themselves in a mirror or sleep peacefully at night ?

My God what in the hell is wrong with you people ?
Apparently according to this horrible story at least one neighbor knew about those boys being forced to walk on hot coals.

School officials saw signs of abuse on those boys.
And yes they did the right thing by turning it over to CSB who did what ?
They did absolutely nothing,they didn't even go to the police !
Does that outrage anyone besides me ?
And why didn't the school follow up or go to the police themselves ?

Yet apparently school officials knowing full well why those poor kids were pulled out of school did no follow up,asked no further qustions about those boys and their well being or lack of it

It's becoming clear that plenty of adults knew those children were being harmed and terribly abused on a daily basis and refused to speak up and did nothing to help save Teddy and his brothers
Again I ask WHY ?
Were you afraid of a gutless coward or just didn't want to be bothered ?

And if this worthless bag of feces is ever set free Teddy will be failed again.
It's my sincere hope that his fellow inmates will adminster the kind of justice a child rapeing,molesting,beating,murdering coward deserves

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Struthers woman sobs through plea hearing

These crimes against innocent children will not stop until we start putting worthless scum like this to death and I don't mean 20 years after they're convicted.
She's every bit as guilty as her scumbag pos boyfriend.
She allowed him to beat and torture Teddy until he finally killed him.

And again today we see the same terrible crime against an innocent child in Bazetta Twp.
The live in pos boyfriend beat an innocent 4 year old boy to death.
The sorry pos mother tried to lie and cover for him until she had no choice but to tell the police she saw him punch her son in the stomach.

Stood there and watched !!!
Then lied for the s.o.b.
I'll say it again.....
Anyone who rapes,beats or harms a child deserves executed.
Until we as a society refuse to tolerate these crimes and sentences that allow these scumbags to live these terrible crimes against the most innocent will continue.

We have to face the fact that they're are very evil bastards out there who enjoy hurting and murdering children and we SHOULD NOT allow that evil to live among us !!

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