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Federal judge allows part of civil case involving Warren police officer to proceed to trial

It's pretty simple......
The cops always have you by the short hairs so it's in your best interest to comply with their commands immediately..

The cops aren't always right but the time to convince them they're wrong is not during an arrest especially if there are guns involved !!

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Struthers man charged with terrorizing wife, kidnapping infant, hurling dog

No plea bargian,no early release....
This idiot belongs in a cage for a long long time.
Thankfully no one was killed by this fool's temper tantrum.

And once again a gutless man child runs home to mommy

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The vacant downtown building needs to be demolished

It's always a shame when these historic old buildings are left to deteriorate to the point they can't be salvaged.
Every time a city or community loses one of their former landmarks they lose a piece of their history as well.

I just hope the old Robbins Theater in downtown Warren doesn't suffer the same fate.
It's a true icon of the city and the architecture and inside furnishings of the grand old theater could never be replaced.

I remember seeing the movies "Patton" and "Mash"there when they played together back in 1969.
The last movie I saw at the Robbins was the epic "The Poseidon Adventure" in 1974

I love historic old buildings and hope the Robbins can be saved and even reopened someday.

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Judge dismisses murder charge in East Side homicide

I very rarely agree with Judge "Turn em lose Sweeney" but in this case I do.

That evidence bag didn't open and reseal itself and that sim card sure as hell didn't change itself.

Clearly there's deliberate wrong doing and tampering with evidence and it happened while the phone was in police dept.custody.

I don't think it's wise to allow the police investigate itself.
An independent out of town investigaror with no connection to the p.d. or local powers that be is the only fair and honest way to find out what happened and who is responsible.

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Youngstown council to vote on resolution in opposition to Ohio adopting a Stand Your Ground law

If I catch you trying to break into my shop I'll give you one chance to surrender,lay down on the ground and wait for the police.

If you attempt to enter my home you're dead.
You will also not rob or in anyway accost me on the street.
The instant you threaten me ,my family with harm in anyway ,shape or form you will be shot where you stand.

I'm a law abiding citizen,I bother or pose no threat to anyone and neither myself or a family member is going to become a victim of street or domestic crime as we have the means of selfdefense and if need be willing to trust a jury of our peers.

The govt.can make or change all the gun laws,selfdefense laws they want.
Nothing the laws says will change the way I react should my life or the life of a family member come under threat.
I think most law abiding citizens feel the same way.

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Teddy's mom gets 15 years

I like and respect this judge.
He's no bleeding heart and believes criminals deserve to be punished.
Good call your honor.

The judge said she doesn't deserve the title of mother and again I agree but by the same token the cops don't deserve the title of protectors and servers of the public and the teachers don't deserve any special status because these people also knew that Teddy and his brothers were being terribly mistreated,tochered,beaten and abused by the gutless coward Bush.

Childrens services once again failed as well.
Anyone who knew the situation in that miserable hell hole of a home and did nothing,remained silent or looked the other way are no better than this miserable sorry excuse of a mother.

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Vaughn gets max in near-fatal beating case

This idiot shouldn't have been out on the road driving if he had been drinking all day.
He could have pulled over to the side of the road to mess with his stereo rather than blocking the street to everyone else.

So Vaughn honks his horn and Smith flips him off.
Apparently he wasn't considerate enough to move his car out of the way.

I can see why Vaughn got angry and I wouldn't blame him one bit had he just smacked this dumb ass in the mouth a few times.
But a 3 on 1 severe beating that put the guy in a wheelchair is totally uncalled for over something so petty

Smith isn't completely innocent but there's no law against being an inconsiderate fool.
A few slaps in the chops would have been enough to teach the idiot a lesson in respect for others .

But Mr.Vaughn and friends went way to far and probably ruined Smith's life and put a huge burden on his loved ones
Can't excuse that !

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300 attend Youngstown rally to protest Zimmerman acquittal

Hella I'd like to ask you a question.
If you know anything about American history then you should know that every ethnic group that came to this country had their turn in the barrel and had to deal with hate,discrimination and outright cruelty.

My people are the lily white Irish who came here to escape starvation and overbearing British rule.
Do you have any idea how the Irish people were treated when they arrived in America ?

Irish men were depicted with monkey faces and tails said to be nothing but drunks,liars,criminals and brawlers.
Their children were said to be to stupid to revieve educations and our women were good for nothing but domestic servants and brothal workers.

Help wanted signs read
"No Irish Need Apply"
Life for the Irish immigrant was filled with poverty,disease,hungar and discrimination everywhere.
Yet somehow they managed to prosper and thrive in spite of all hate and hardships they faced.

The other half of my family were Italians who came here in hope of a better life only to find they were not welcome.
They were the "grease balls,Dagos,Wops said to be filthy,untrustworthy and worthless.
Yet they too somehow managed to prosper in America..

Despite being beaten up,murdered,unemployed,uneducated and stuffed into filthy tennaments living 8 to 12 people in a single room these people were able to prosper and thrive with in a generation.

In fact Hella almost every ethnic group who came to this country in search of opportunity and a better life has to deal with hatred,hardships and discrimination.
That includes the Chinese,Arabs,Germans,Eastern Europeans,Russians,Turks ect...

So my question to you is if all these ethnics peoples can manage to do well and prosper in this country why can't the African American Community seem to overcome their hardships as so many other have ?
And please keep in mind there were no special programs,no NAACP,no affirmative action or mandatory quota hiring requirments for these people.
No welfare,food stamps or medicade..

There was however one thing all these different groups had in common.
They worked together and aided each other.
They shared what little they had and did everything possible to promote themselves through hard work,self education and their own gritty,tough determination.

What they didn't do was rob,steal and murder each other for the most part.
Sure every group had their criminals but for the most part they were honest,hard working people determined to make a better life for themselves and their families.

They didn't waste time and energy blaming and pointing the finger at anyone else for what they didn't have.

So why does the black community continue to struggle with poverty,unemployment,crime,education ect when they have all the advantages and social programs so many other did not have ?

Please enlighten us and explain why so many black folks are still unable to prosper and lag behind in so many areas.

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Woman arrested in North Side pool dispute

How dare they expect this woman to pay her way ?
Don't these fools know she's entitled to free services anywhere for life ?
Shame on those overbearing s.o.b.s' harassing and picking on one of the
"less fortunate"

Her landlord,the utility companies,the grocer and her doctor wouldn't dream of asking for or expecting her to pay so who the hell do these greedy pool jerks think they are ??!!

I sure hope legal aid steps in on her behalf and files a big fat discrimination suit against those rats for picking on one of societies "less fortunate"
And those poor kids .....dear God I certainly hope they aren't tramatized by anyone expecting momma to pay !!

You just know she's worked so hard to teach those kids the way the real entitlement system works and now these scumbags throw a monkey wrench into those valuable life lessons by demanding payment..OUTRAGEOUS,AGGRECIOUS,ARBITRARY,CAPRICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only fair thing to do is to fire those two employed bullies and slam their working behinds on the public dole so they can see how tough the "less fortunate" really have it !!

Let's just see how they like sleeping or laying around until 2-3 pm everyday on their ever expanding butts,then having to get up and drive down to Mickey D's and spend their own public gifted cash super sizeing everybodys' meal knowing darn good and well those 32 oz barrels of soda just won't be enough to wash down that 4 pound triple,double,quad thick cut bacon with extra cheese hind quarter mini burger......

Ohhh the trials and burdens of the "less fortunate" !!
They just never seem to end
It's enough to make me raise my hand and 6 inch multi color nails,start bobbing my head and screaming the most vile,filthy language I know.......another life lesson taught...

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Trumbull judge rejects changed status for Hubbard, Taco Bell killer

THANK YOU Judge Mckay !!!

And to you quack bastards who think this nut job deserves more freedom.....
Take him into your own homes and trust this wacko around your own families.

I'm glad the judge saw through this nonsense and made the right call !

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