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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

Way to go AnnNelson !!!!
If this sob is charging 2000.00 for a basset puppy then he can damn sure afford to buy his stock from a humane,licensed breeder where the health and social temperment of the animal is the top priority.

And these goddamn amish are not the simple God fearing folk they pretend to be.
Unfortunatley I've been around to many of these parasites to know that they're greedy and will do anything for a dollar.
And I knew this long before the Amish Mafia show was even a thought.

In fact that show doesn't begin to show how dangerous and corrupt the amish cult truly is.
Nasty unwashed uneducated and as imbread as the puppies they sell !!

I don't know why the state of Ohio doesn't close these mills down and prosecute these tax evading scumbags

If you want a pet go to petfinder,check with your local shelter or seek out a good humane breeder who will gladly allow you on the property to see their operation.

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New York man pleads guilty in sex case involving Austintown girl, 15

Hang this baby screwing scumbag !

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Judge Dellick's son indicted on six felonies, nine counts overall

Ohhh yeah here we go again
He's a victim,he's depressed ,he has anxiety disorders.

No he's just a spoiled rotten little punk who never got the ass blisterings he so deserved years ago.
I'll bet you every poster here knows someone who deals with depression and anxiety but they're not out pulling the kind of stunts little Johnnys been getting away with.

And while I really hate to throw the race card out here because I find it to be such a lame ass excuse for a lack of personel responsibility and accountability I can't help but think if this were a young black male commiting these serious crimes he would be going to prison for a good long while

Perhaps if this was a poor white kid there might even be federal hate crime charges being brought against him.

No the fact of the matter is this pink faced little coward has always counted on mommy's posistion,money and connections to bail him out of anything he gets into.

It's time he learns there are real and serious consequences when you commit felonies.
He's thinks he's a real tough guy so lock him up with some real thugs and he can find out just how tough he is.

she was in search of a safe place for him.
More like she was in search for a safe place FROM him.
She knows she can't deal with or control the little monster she helped to create and you really can't blame her for being afraid of him.

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Blacks are still not free, a speaker said.

The medical tech who works for my doctor is an African American.
She and her husband are raising their 4 children.
The two older kids are in college earning degrees.

The two younger kids go to school and are involved in the Inspiering minds and other after school programs.
Last year on take your child to work day I met one of the young kids.

The young lady I met was very bright,respectful and as smart as a whip.
Without a doubt this young lady will accomplish her goals and be a great success at whatever she does in her life.

We had a wonderful conversation and she was a true pleasure to talk to.
How and why you ask.....
A two parent home where mom and dad know where their kids are,what they are doing and who they are with.

High standards have always been expected of their children and mom and dad will settle for nothing less.

Yeah how novel personel responsibility all the way around.
That system works in all races imagine that !!

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Emaciated, abandoned dog on East Side rescued

Mr.Flak you sound like a good guy and someone who cares deeply about protecting our animal friends.

I have no idea what kind of a sick despicable sub human would purposely harm a trusting defenseless animal and I hope you're able to press felony charges in these cases.

You have to think if somebody would do such a terrible and cruel thing to any animal what other evil acts are they capable of and when will a human being such as a small child be their next victim

These knuckle draggers are dangerous and need to be caged and off our streets for good !

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Ryan joins Ready for Hillary movement

What a lap dog this political hack is.
Just remember when you lose your health ins.and your ins.rate skyrockets these are the same hacks whho caused it and don't have to follow the health care law they imposed on the rest of us.

I keep asking if this law is such a good deal for the American public why doesn't congress want to participate in it and so far are exempt from it ?

"What difference does it make" Chillary would be a disaster

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Mom seeks bond in child-endangering case, denies threatening CSB worker

If Miss Moser is willing to take parenting classes and deal with her issues she should be given a second chance.

What she did was wrong but keep in mind she was going to her job and not out to party or to enjoy a night out when she left her children home alone.

If she can make a genuine effort to help herself and be a responsible parent she should be given that opportunity.

Our court system seems to have no problem giving repeat violent criminals mutiple second chances so give Miss Moser her chance provided she completes all that is required and co-operates fully which she seems willing to do.

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Dellick accused in 2 other road-rage incidents; special prosecutor considered

I'd never advocate beating an unruly child to a pulp but a good old fashion butt warming isn't a bad thing when needed.

Those of you who think it's such a terrible crime to spank a kid let me ask the following,,,,,,,,

Are young people as respectful and polite as they were a few generations ago when spanking was a common punishment for bad behavior ?

Has the time out chair worked out well ?
Has mom and dad being a kids friend and buddy benefited young people ?
Or were our kids better off when mom and dad's main job was to guide and parent and let other kids be the friends and pals ?

Has handing out awards to every kid in the school so we don't damage anyones self esteem taught our kids anything ?
Is that really fair to the kids who go to school,study,work hard and make every effort to get good grades and do well ?

Or was it better to teach our kids if they want awards they have to work for them and make every effort possible to achieve their goals ?

This blameless society where everybody wins does nothing to teach our kids how the real world operates.
Yes self esteem is important but it's just like respect.
You have to work for it and earn it and that's the lesson we should be teaching our kids.

An undisciplined,self important child with a huge sense of entiltment grows up to become a frustrated failure as an adult who can't cope with real life.

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Earl Douthitt killed while raking leaves, neighbors mourn

What a shame.
He sounded like a nice guy and a good neighbor.
May he rest in peace.

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Desiree Jackson cited after kids left alone

You bet taking care of 4 kids is a full time never ending job but you never leave babies and toddlers alone even for a few minutes.

As for the father(s) they are just as responsible for the safety and well being of their kids as the mother.
If this is a case of absentee fathers they should be tracked down and held as accountable as the mother of those kids.

No man has the right to bail out on the children they produce.
Any man who helps make a child has an obligation to support that child weather they live in the home or excuses!!

It is grossly unfair that these dead beat fathers just skate off leaving their responsibility and obligations on the mothers shoulders providing no support or relief.
Find these scumbags,make them pay and be responsible !

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