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Bar, restaurant, nightclub owners toast to success in downtown Youngstown

Did anyone see the front page of the Vindy yesterday??!!??!!?? The front page of the Sunday paper...

"It's great to be DOWNTOWN" was the headline. The picture was of four women from behind walking in the middle of a snow covered Federal Plaza. The "women" were dressed like prostitutes. It was a tasteless photograph and one I can't believe an editor would let grace the front page of the paper. If this the "new" Downtown...we are in trouble.

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

I went to Mooney with Brian Spin. I would bet a lot on the "drugs" factor. This is so sad and sick!

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Police seeking teen boys in robbery of man on South Side

57..elderly?!?...I hope not!!!!

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Youngstown falls to worst in state

justthefacts...those are not the kids who show up in the classroom. If there are bodies in the classroom they can be taught SOMETHING! Time to take a harg line / old school approach to teaching the kids who show up for class.

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Youngstown falls to worst in state

It all starts at the top. Wendy Webb has out stayed her welcome as the face Youngstown City Schools. Take her salary, along with the 3 or 4 "Assistant. Superintendents" and use that money to do what it takes to get these kids educated. What does this administration expect from the teachers? Is it enough? Obviously, NO! Yea, the problem is with home life too, BUT once they are in the classroom it is time to start teaching! This is just another black eye for this city.

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Boardman man arrested after police find concealed weapons

I am in favor a massive concrete wall surrounding the entire city. Give the good citizens plenty of notice to get out and just let all the thugs kill each other...problem solved!
Where is a leader for the black and inner city community of Youngstown?!?! It's only getting worse day by day.

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GM will eliminate jobs bank

unions = greed thats all there is to it

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Area Denny’s offering free Grand Slam eats on Tuesday

I am laughing out loud at baboo's and ytowngramma posts!! Love it! (probably 500 gawkers!)

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GM will eliminate jobs bank

Jealous UAW hater?...No. I wouldn't want any part of that mess. Just fed up with it all and the mis-management of GM. I think some consessions should have been made by the auto workers. I seems like a lot of greed. This is what it looks like from the outside. Just an hatred.

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GM will eliminate jobs bank

The fact that it took this long to eliminate the "jobs bank" is almost embarssing to GM. people not to work?!?! I guess no worries when you can rely on a bail out from hard working American citizens.

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