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Citizen’s arrest in Warren prompts law director’s concern about safety

Boondock is right, the WPD is a joke. I once called 911 to report a SEVER drunk driver on 422, and while I was on the phone with them the operator asked me to try and keep an eye on the car so until the officer could get there. The drunk ran a red light, so I followed him, and when the cop got there, I also got a ticket because I'm not an "emergency" vehicle. It took literally 2 minutes from the time I called to the time the police hunted us down and got him, only 2 minutes. Yet, when I once called the police because there were gun shots by my apartment, it took them 45 minutes to get there. Maybe because it is more beneficial for the City and the officer's quota to nail a dui then it is to arrest a gunshot crime. And don't you even THINK about dodging any pot holes in Warren, because your getting stopped with suspition of DUI every time. I'm glad this guy did what he did. It's getting ridiculous to even go to the Get Go on Mahoning Ave. without getting somebody telling you they "left their wallet at the office, and need money to get a ride back to the office". Meanwhile they look like they havn't taken a bath in 2 months, what office you work at bro?

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